Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Absence, Birthdays and Sod's law

I haven't blogged in a while so i am goign to give you an update on the Life of Matt. you're on the edge of your seat, I can tell!

OK, so May 4th I had arranged a project meal at a nice little italian place in Leatherhead town. I was looking forwards to my Bruschetta (which I generally always have as a starter in Italian places) and Dover Sole. I went to Ceroc class for the first time on Wednesday the 3rd, by the time I got back my throat was doing an impression of a Bullfrog and was sweating like Lee Evans. Lovely thought eh?

So I missed out on free beer and food - for those of you that know me, you know that I was ill if this is the case! Further, I was supposed to go to Hull on Friday. Too ill. Saturday 6th was my birthday, I wasm meant to be at a party in Hull. Instead I spent it in a pool of my own sweat and in considerable pain fromt the throat thing.

It wasn't my favourite birthday ever.

I'm mainly gutted because I didn't get to see an awful lot of people in Hull before they left Uni, especially Hannah. I basically get to see Hannah, Emi and Kirsty, but unlikely all at once again. It's all very sad.

I did go home to Wales at the weekend and saw a bunch of people, including the rents which was good. Got exceptionally drunk and had a lovely meal on Saturday night. then proceeded to get rat arsed with my old friends and wobbled back to Mike's house somewhere around 2 I think

Anywa, that's a quick synopsis of what I have been up to, considering a ceroc class tonight but not sure if I have the energy or inclination, it's not been the best of days thus far.

OK, normal service will be resumed soon, promise no more details of my boring life - ranting switched back on!

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Olivia said...

feeling a bit blah myself today, enough so that I might skip a meetup with some girl friends.

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