Monday, May 01, 2006

Terror Alert Indicator

Thanks to Oswyn for my new Terror Alert indicator. I lifted it from his site like a Cyber version of Winoner "Five finger discount" Ryder. Go me!

I just feel it is my responsibility to help alert the rest of the world about the terror status of the USA. So here it is, and it is on my side bar too. The current terror alert is:

Terror Alert Level

Go check out his blog he has some very enlightened views on football and in particular the use of the word Soccer.


Olivia said...


Rugby Football/Association Football

And I prefer Kermit.

Der Ozzman said...

Thanks for the shout out Matt!

MattJ said...

Rugger is a term used by public school boys and no one else ;P

Olivia said...

Exactly, and so was Soccer.

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