Monday, May 29, 2006

UK Police recruit Thundercats to fight Organised Crime

I was going to post on this last month when i first noticed the story but it slipped my mind. However, being a responsible grown up I've been spending the day watching 80s cartoon shows from my youth. Purely for the purposes of comparison with modern day shows you understand?

Anyway, Tony Bliar is obsessed with America and also with making Britain more like our transatlantic cousins. Usually this only manifests itself in economic policy and politicking. You know, tax breaks for those hard up multinationals and back handers during election campaigns. Anyway, he's introduced this new thing over here called SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency) to, well beat organised crime. I think he just wants British FBI because he's watched all thsoe Hollywood movies where the fibbies are just lap dogs to the incumbant ruler of the day. I think he's hoping that they will merely do his bidding.

If that is the case then he has gone about it the wrong way, there is no way that any kind of evil minion will be attracted to join that force when it has such a burning symbol of truth, justice and freedom as its badge:

I mean, how embarassing? They must be paying employees a small fortune to flash that badge at hardenened criminals? I wonder if the uniform is a dodgy Leotard with the badge in the middle?.....

The UK's new SOCA ready for action to fight all Mumm-ra based organised crime.

In an interent exclusive I can reveal this snapshot of Sir Stephen Lander, chair of the newly formed SOCA. With one such as this in charge the organised criminals best pack up now!


Olivia said...

Blast from the past! I'd forgotten about Thundercats.
I like the new badge.

MattJ said...

Lol! yeah it would be great for a remake, not sure baout it's use as a badge for our latest weapon against organised crime!

Der Ozzman said...

Man, I lived for the Thundercats back in the day!

Did you happen to catch that Trinidad & Tobago/Wales game?

Dawn Firelight said...

Matt, hi, this is totally unrelated to your post but I'm writing this here to apologise for not replying to a couple of comments you made on my blog some time back because, you see, I thought nobody ever read my blog. (very red faced)

OK, not totally unrelated to your post because I really like Thundercats. And I agree that the badge would look great on some Spandex uniforms. It would be really effective too - the criminals would all die laughing if nothing else.

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