Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lurgy Attack

So it's my birthday today. For I'm, apparently, a jolly good fellow.

I've been really ill the last few days so I've missed out on a project meal at work, that I organised. Free beer. Free Food. I'm still in mourning.

I was also supposed to go to Hull to see Emi, Hannah and Kirsty. The last time I would likely see all 3 together as 2 of them leave University this year. I was also going to visit Astrid before her jaunt to Thailand.

So understandably I am more than a little miffed that I am stuck in my flat, on my own insterad of off visiting people I haven't seen in ages. Face like a smacked arse doesn't cover it I can assure you.

Anyway, I checked my gmail account and was immediately cheered up:

Happy Birthday Matthew, 29 today!
On this, most brilliant, 6th day of May
I'd have bought you a present or sent you a card
But I'm silly and lazy and forgot - retard!

So I've penned this little ditty for you
I'm sorry it's no Daisy and doesn't go moo!
But all that you get is just this one thing
Some words from Pedro, the Latin Love king.

Matt's learning salsa, he ain't no fool
Cos soon he might be a latin love God too
By girating his hips and being all buff
Pedro's competition could start to get tough!

But poor Matt's got the lurgy and is quite unwell
Missed out on curry and a visit to Hell
Things don't look great for our birthday man
But it could be worse, he could be a Pie fan!

Still next week will soon be here
And back to Ruthin you shall come for beer
Drinking and eating and just talking crap
And we can celebrate - Happy Birthday Matt!

Cheers Pedr, a legend amongst men - bestriding the poetic world like some literary colossus.


It's Ceroc I have taken up ;)

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