Friday, February 20, 2009

Talking of UI design

Apologies for the news source here, unfortunately I couldn't find anyone else reporting on this potential awesomeness.

This story came out of the Technology, Entertainment, Design conference in early Feb. It's a concept that's been tagged with what I think is quite a cool nickname - Wear Your World.

The crappy Fox article doesn't really explore the possibilities, I first heard the story on the excellent Skeptic's Guide to the Universe. What's fascinating about this is that the technology used is all off the shelf, currently available stuff. It essentially turns any flat(ish) surface into a display. The final device would either have to be swisher looking, or preferably inconcspicuous, but here are some examples of the kind application for this thing. outline a circle on your wrist and it projects the correct time there. Maybe you're leafing through a book at a book store, you can program it to search the t'interweb for reviews of books you are looking at. Browsing in a store, it can go off and find you those products on line and give you information on potential savings.

The key here is making such a decvice unobtrusive and seamless to use, otherwise it goes the sameway as the VR headset (also discussed on the same podcast). The fact that this uses existing off the shelf stuff, makes this viable - whether anyone will invest the considerable amount needed to make this a commercial product is questionable.

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