Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The slippery slope

For a variety of reasons I've finally aquiesced tohaving a work phone. Because I spend a lot more time away from my desk, I tend to get calls on my mobile and I have to redirect calls to it. These calls would be a lot easier to ignore if they went to my work phone as I would immediately know they are work related.

Unfortunately the phone in question is a Blackberry, which does mean I'll have access to work email all the time. It'll also mean I'll have a Blackberry AND and iPhone.

Pros: Work is buying me a new gadget (even if it isn't very up to date)
Cons: By owning a Blackberry AND an iPhone, not opnly am I one of those self important twats who has 2 phones but I am a self important twat with two phones that shout 'look at me! I'm all important'. It's like I got the double-whammy-quadro-twat package, exclusively from O2. I think I'll run a book on how long it takes me to get one of those super-cool and sexy blue-tooth 'Kill me now' ear-pieces.


David Morris said...

lol - Could you not just go through the bill for your iPhone and claim certain amounts as expenses? You could also use an answerphone at work - to save the expense on a Blackberry. Also, what about saying to work colleagues/clients that email is preferred (with that option, you won't get work calls out of work hours)?

MattJ said...

Hmmmm, I wasn't inviting intelligent questions David, when have I EVER invited intelligent questions?! I did however solicit Gallery submissions, submissions you have noticeably failed to provide.

1) No, the point is I want to separate my personal number from work

2) Don't give a toss about the expense of the BB, it's gonna be a work paid for thingame.

3) BB solves both problems, I can check my email whilst in pointless meetings/train journeys etc. The OOH phone thing - sometimes it's necessary but having a separate worky thing gives me the option of leaving it at home etc. if I am not on call. As far as using email as a preferred method of communication - I generally use email to confrim what was said in calls (if necessary), other than that email is an awful form of communciation.

There are flaws to this as well, but looking at the pros and cons I've decided to give it a go,

Now away with you to MSPAint.

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