Monday, February 09, 2009

Every day....ish

Yeah, that lasted didn't it? But let's be honest here, a post every day from someone who leads as uninteresting a life as me is not going to be thrilling reading for you. Today I offer furtherinsight into the tangled ball of yarn that I use for a brain.

Essentially my brain and my stomach need to be kept separated. They are liek your best friend in school with whom you came up with more and more elaborate activities to occupy your time with. Strangely, 90% of these activities for me involved digging holes, rivers and sticks and any combination of those 3 things. Digging holes in rivers is as tough as it sounds.

Anyway, time consuming things to achieve basically the same end result.

I was watching the excellent but inexplicably cancelled Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip the other day. I decided that I wouldn't cook, I would make a sandwich. I mulled this over for half hour or so, before I decided I would make some kind of toastie snack. After a while I upped this craving to a nice burger. Yummy. More mulling - 'enough!' I thought and adjourned to the Budgens to buy burger makin's!

I arrived back in my kitchen with rump steak, wholemeal baguettes, mustard seeds and pepper. I proceded to make steak & onion baguettes. It was yummy, but seriously - if I'd just stuck with the cheese toastie, would the world have ended?!


the projectivist said...

no, it would not have ended.
but it might not have been quite as nice.

MattJ said...

cheese toasties are yummy. I used to have a Daisy the Cow cheese toastie making machine but she was evilly beheaded by parties unknown whilst at university.

Sometimes I still wake up at night, I'll never stop feeling the loss.

Olivia said...


Cheese and ham toasties are yummy too. With black pepper and garlic salt inside.

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