Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Oh yeah, I got me the whole run of Jason & Freddy movies en route! I am very excited.
I am going through getting some of my favourite horror and slasher flicks together.

I have definitely not watched the endless Jason sequels or all the NOES movies so am looking forward to a good solid few weeks of bad acting and great baddies!

For some reason Friday the 13th Part 9 (Jason Goes to Hell) doesn't seem to be available in Region 2 format, but I persevered and picked it up for a fiver on Region 1 on Playtrade. Given that part 4 is called 'The Final Chapter', I can only assume that parts 5 through 8 are detailing his journey into the hereafter.

Now, none of these movies are what you could call 'Good films' I guess. These are from an era and a genre where you sort out the baddy, if he's a powerful enough figure the rest of it is arbitrary - all you need to do is work out how many quirky ways he can kill people.

So, when I say 'good' in the context of these movies I am talking about entertainment. Jason X has Jason in space. Oh Yes. And being indestructible hell-spawn isn't enough, he gets all cyborged up.

Freddy Vs. Jason was great fun.

I may even watch them sober this time.

Next I am going to get Hellraiser II & III. Unlike the previous mentioned awesomeness, Hellraiser lost its appeal after Clive Barker stopped being involved. Hellraiser was a different kind of horror movie - The Cenobites were completely different to anything that came before them, and they aren't really baddies - they just ARE. The giant scorpion-tailed corridor fetus was a bit pointless, but that's not in it for too long.

Now I know how this is coming across, but I don't care. Hellraiser was a great movie. Yes it had an annoying screaming girl in it but it did a lot of things differently. The Cenobites aren't evil as such, and they aren't around simply because they feel like rending people who stumble across a particular location limb from limb. In fact the main evil-doers in this movie all start off human. It's not easy to go into without being overly anal. Very cool movie.

OK, that's enough of this - I've been brief but I may return to these movies - especially Hellraiser, I love that movie - not least because it shone through in a period when horror movies were coming out about every 3 minutes, most of them bad. So don't diss Pinhead or he'll come get ya!


Don't come to me with Mike Myers neither, Halloween may have come first but it still blows.

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