Monday, February 23, 2009

Desparately seeking sofa......

Yes I do know I've used that pun before. What can I say? I'm an eco-warrior.

So I ordered a sofa-bed yesterday, which will make the 2 people who visit me very happy. I'm predicting Pedr coming here on with some very exciteable comments, or at least he would have had I not pointed out that he would be, now he may not be. If you know what I mean.

I was kind of running out of things to put in the front room that were non-sofas. So anyway, I may be getting one now, it depends on a few things - most of which aren't worth going into but one of which came as a surprise to me. You see I've heard so many people talk about how when their sofa arrived they had to remove the whole west wall of the house in order to get it in, or some crap, I've been worried about getting anything larger than a footstool up my staircase (1st floor flat - or 2nd floor if you're a yank).

Anyway, I inquire about this sofabed, and tell them my concerns and I am told quite patiently - as if to a child - that they will send someone round this week to measure. That's what they said, what I heard was 'We're not fucking idiots. Go back to the special corner and lick a window'.

Does anyone know anyone who has EVER paid full price for anything from Dfs?. I'm sure their sales end, but only in order to launch the next one. It's like perpetual motion with those people. I'm pretty sure that the Bible has been mistranslated and that Dfs selliong a full-price Leather recliner with matching storage stool is one of the signs of the apocaplypes.


Pedr said...


My initial thought when I saw the title was I've heard that one before, only for my sceptical ways to be overcome with joy when I read that it's been ordered.

There was then some slight concern regarding getting it upstairs after your last sofa buying adventure / cock up but it appears that this has been addressed also.

So in conclusion, sofa bed = ace!

Good work sir - if somewhat overdue. As for DFS, I don't even know what it stands for, Dubious Furniture Sales perhaps? That'd explain why everything is always on sale!

Pedr said...

Oh, and are you going to provide a link or picture to the this devine seat/bed combo of comfort?

Olivia said...

Lick a window Matt!

MattJ said...

Pedr has evidently missed the part of the post where the sofa order is 'dependant ona few things'


No linkages, I'll only reveal the glory of my new seatage should it actually come to pass!

@livvy: It doesn't have the cleaning effect I'd envisioned.

Pedr said...

Oops! I think I can hear a window calling my name.

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