Thursday, February 26, 2009

The sofa-shaped space

Is about to be filled. The man from Dfs, he say yes!

The measuring monkeys didn't so much measure as eye the place up but now if it doesn't fit, I don't get stuck with a sofa I can't get inside!


Now I just have to wait for 5 weeks for it to arrive ;)


FieldEffect said...

Visions of the sofa starting its long and arduous journey, trundling slowly from the business estate, along the M25, to finally arrive in five weeks time wet, bedraggled and frowning mournfully. :)

Hanrah said...

see you in 5 weeks then!

MattJ said...

I was thinking more 'Hadncrafted b y wizened sofa wisemen in the distant and desolate steppes, carried by druids to it's final resting place in my flat after 5 long weeks!'.

@Hanrah - yeah we can run a book on which of us spills bean juice on it first.

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