Sunday, February 01, 2009

Days off, Roast Awesome and Doughnuts

I took the day off everything on Friday and yesterday, including this. It's my resolution, I didn't bother you with the details and special clauses so nerr!

Anyway, so Friday was spent giving my flat a much needed clean, its not exactly perfect right now but it's approaching habitable.

I also located an awesome Butcher up in Bookham which made me happy. I couldn't get the mutton I wanted as he needs a day's notice so that it can defrost so he can cut it (not exactly popular as a meat). The fact that he had any impressed me though!

Anyway, I made do with some diced lamb. I also picked up a couple pounds of rolled pork loin for my first attempt at a roast dinner and some of the award winning sausages on offer. He told me, at length, about their sausage achievements, so I decided to buy some bacon too. Next, back home - finished cleaning and made a large quantity of lamb curry.

I've always had problems making my lamb curry not spicy. It's the fairly liberal application of garam masala rather than any chili content I think - I've tried it with little to no chilies pr chili powder in the past and it's still quite hot, and progressively so. Friday I experimented with the ingredients some, with very pleasing results. I won't bore you all, but essentially it involves plenty of good cumin and a few other things.

This was good for the visiting Hannah as she has chosen not to go with the asbestos-lined mouth approach to life.

Hannah arrived, we went for a couple drinks and then back to the flat for some yummy curry goodness!

Saturday arrived and with it I made some breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages, beans and toast. I've taken to buying unsliced locally baked bread which is lovely in principle but a pain in the arse when slicing for a toaster. Anyway, sausages definitely deserved their award and everything else was outstanding too.

Next was a shopping trip, I needed some shelving units for my ever expanding DVD and book collection so ordered some stuff from Argos. We also needed Army of Darkness on DVD for completist reasons. After a trip to Epsom, we couldn't find a copy of this for under 20 pounds (should be about a fiver!). Instead I picked up Sweeney Todd (yet to watch), 30 days of Night (which Hannah assures me sucks arse) and two Charlie Brooker books - Dawn of the Dumb and Screen Burn.

Amongst the other things that afternoon, I picked up a variety of ciders, some carrots and broccoli and mild fear that roast dinner could go horribly wrong.

Finally, a trip to Tesco - where they sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Oh yes indeed. We only wanted a half dozen, but that worked out the same price as a dozen (give or take 50p!). Being the thrifty sort, I got the even dozen.

Back to the flat and it was champagne and DVDs! I had this stuff I got given at Christmas so we polished a bottle of it off, because we are classy that way. then I made the roast.

It went unfathomably well, I was so pleased. The crackling wasn't absolutely perfect, but for a first stab I think it was outstanding. Roast potatoes were yummy, and as I'd thrown a load of quartered onions in the roasting dish*, they were all yummy and charred. I removed the potatoes and the piggy and poured some nice vintage cider and chicken stock into the roasting dish. Stirred it all up with a fork, reduced it down and it was good to go. I will be doing that again, and again. I so miss roast dinners!

So today, I built one of the sets of shelves and am putting my previously 'stored' DVDs out, I may not need the other set right away but I'll wait and see once I've put my stuff out.

There! See? I don't have to rant all the time, but it's much less entertaining when I don't.

Seriously, it's been awesome just not even looking at work things for a couple of days, I feel like I've had a week off and I still have some Krispy Kreme doughnuts left, the Superbowl to come and the dilemma of whether to order Papa John's or eat some more curry....


Jo said...

Meat and donuts makes Matt less ranty. Fabulous!

And way to class it up a bit by opening some bubbly!

Olivia said...

Wow, Matt being constructive and creative yummy goodness! Do it again sometime Matt! We like it when you do!

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