Sunday, March 23, 2008

Album Review? Well, why the hell not!

OK, so as you all know one of my favourite new gadgets over recent months has been my DAB radio, especially thanks to 6 Music. With the exception of the venal, vapid, banal gobshite that is George Lamb it's like listening to and independent record store. You know the kind, you walk in and the guy behind the counter knows absolutely everything there is to know about every album. Also the music is totally random, sometimes like listening to someone's personal playlist. You could be listening to the latest track by Arcade Fore one minute followed by an obscure track by the Dresden Dolls the next. As I say, George Lamb seems to be someone they wanted on Radio 1 but didn't have any room so put him on this otherwise great station. I don't normally care about DJs but I object to someone interviewing top class bands and evidently having no idea who they are because he isn't aware of anything outside the top 10.

Anyway, I digress. George Lamb has flaws too numerous to go into here.

TThe point is that I have cancelled my cable TV because I only watch it because it happens to be there and much prefer sitting around reading with the radio on in the background. About a month ago I heard a song come on called Grounds for Divorce by Elbow, and amazing track that I loved. Luckily for me, 6 Music also started playing album tracks from the upcoming album including The Bones of You and The Fix.

I actually found myself getting frustrated after finding out that the album wasn't due to be released until last week, which is not like me - I generally just add to my music collection almost on a whim. It finally arrived yesterday and I have to say that it is a brilliant piece of work. I am about to wax a bit lyrical here so apologies in advance! I've never heard such a melancholic sound that brings no hint of melancholy with it. The album is at once poetic, witty and (from a layman's viewpoint) musically astounding. I can't telly how much I love this album, it's not often music 'speaks to you' but this album does it. I'm not entirely sure what it's saying but I don't really care, it's an absolute joy to listen to and you should go buy it right away. It's called The Seldom Seen Kid. Go, now! I feel a complete idiot for barely having heard of this band before, but then I've never been accused of having my finger on the pulse!

Incidentally, Guy Garvey the lead singer also has a 6 Music Show at 10pm on Sunday's as well as having his fingers in lots of musical pies as a producer and writer.

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