Friday, March 14, 2008

Again with the food....

I am off out tonight to a Thai restaurant in Guildford for a friend's birthday celebration. The place looks awesome and the people who's birthday celebrations these are rate it it very highly in terms of the food.

I've taken a look at the menu and it all looks yummy, if a little limited in the choice. I am slightly disappointed because there don't seem to be many duck dishes - something I often go for when in a particularly good Thai Restaurant. It's all good though, I love thai food and really want to learn to cook it from scratch without pastes etc, the same way I do with Indian food right now (I know its not 'authentic' but its as close as I will get!).

What sets this apart from other nights out is that I am not drinking as I am driving the shiny new(ish) Matt Mobile! So far I've not missed drinking when out and about when driving, though this is the first proper night where I am driving. I'm not sure if there are shenanigans after the meal, if there are I may cave in and steal soem floor space this evening!

Anyway, I'll let you know about the food, cos I can tell you are all giddy with anticipation.

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Olivia said...

Oh, Thai is awesome. I read somewhere that Asian food has now surpassed Indian as the British favourite.

We wanted to have Thai for dinner tonight, but after the shopping we were done at 5pm, half an hour before the restaurant opened. So got some Nandos hot wings and hot footed it back home with our spoil!

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