Sunday, March 16, 2008

....and some more about food...

I started writing a response to 'Livs comment on the Thai food post but it was getting a bit lengthy so writing another rambling post instead!

Firstly 'Liv contends that Asian food is surpassing Indian as Britain's favourite. This doesn't surprise me at all, the British are all too fickle and in the modern age fail to show loyalty to one foodstuff or another. I am a true Brit and like traditional, home cooked, traditional, honest, traditional Indian food like our ancestors used to make.

So I went to the Thai place last night and it was very yummy, as expected. The room had that traditional seating with the cushions on the floor and the low tables. This was very cool but I suspect is there purely for the entertainment of the staff as they watch us all squirm about trying to work out exactly how to sit for any prolonged period without the need of the services of a chiropractor.

I had a pork won ton style affair for a starter and a spicy duck stirfry with egg fried rice for the main dish. I'm afraid I wasn't very adventurous this time around, I am usually quite cagey when I haven't been somewhere before unless I know with reasonable certainty that they use good ingredients and cook well.

Anyway, it was all great. As I say, we were in this special room with the low tables and cushions so we were obliged to take our shoes off and they were put away in a concealed cupboard. Ig you wanted the toilet, or go outside for a cigarette? It's OK, they supplied slippers for you to wear when you leave the room!

The only really disappointing thing wasn't, I suspect, really the restaurant's fault but more the fault of the area they have chosen to set up shop. There were no chopsticks at the tables, the default being spoon and fork. Now I prefer chopsticks with this kind of Asian food, I am crap with them but I do prefer them. I actually found it weird eating with fork and spoon, but to ask for chopsticks seemed a little pretentious to me so I didn't ask. Don't get me wrong, lots of people hate trying to use chopsticks and in places I have been before then they ask for cutlery and they are given cutlery. This is fine, I just think its a little sad that the propensity for this is so common that this place has chosen to go for cutlery by default. Or maybe I am just upset because I am crap with chopsticks so its almost like having a puzzle game whilst I eat.

All in all, if you're in Guildford go to Rumwong because it is yummy!


Olivia said...

You didn't say much about the food and whether they cook to your satisfaction.

I saw the website and it looks like a chic little place. Not that many Japanese places (here or in Japan) require customers to sit low so am surprised this place does, and as it's easier to sit on the floor with no shoes to hinder you, the slippers are a nice touch. I guess with the table so close to your feet, you don't want to drag the street germs in...

Honestly I've never been into a Thai restaurant that offered when I used to order it in, I had my own supply of bamboo chopsticks which have now mysteriously disappeared since the move. *somebody* must have thrown them away. :(

Olivia said...

Hm, rereading that I ought to clarify my comment about Japanese places - I was meant that it is common in traditional Japanese eating establishments to sit on the floor, so I should have said, "Not *even* that many J. places..."

MattJ said...

This is the first Thai place I've been that doesn't have them I think, though I could be wrong.

Haha! I am not as accomplished a food writer as you though - the Won Tons were not really to my taste adn Ikind of ordered them because I wasn't really in the mood for any of the starters but felt a bit like I should order one. The duck stor fry was beautiful, the duck was very tender and delicate with a just the right amount of fat surrounding it. It was just spicey enough to let you know that there was some kick there and the peppers and onions added a really nice sweetness to the whole thing.

Because I was so uncomfortable though I didn't partake of any of the Jasmine tea which I regret now.

Those low tables aren't throughout, just in one room. Also what is great about this place is that they have a adjoining Thai Supermarket which is run by the same people!

Olivia said...

Hey, you've just described the food pretty well I think.

Jo said...

There's this tiny little divey Thai spot just blocks from our old house that we used to order take-out from quite often. We loved eating-in there, too, because it was BYOB, (we could bring any bottle of wine we wanted and pair it with something on the menu and not pay an arm and a leg per glass!!!) which is genius. My favorite was the duck in peanut sauce. Dave loved the spicy green seafood curry. We both paired it with a fusion style saffron rice.

Thai food is a big learning curve, though. Mostly because, if you're familiar with Indian food, lots of the dishes are similar but just different enough to be confusing. Thai dumplings are awesome, for sure!

Any who, Thai food rocks!

P.S. This restaurant (Bangkok Inn) serves with forks and spoons, too. You can request chopsticks, though.

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