Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shameless plug

We've uploaded another podcasty thingy and we should be on iTunes tomorrow provided we haven't said anything too libelous.

[Edit]Episode 3 is now up too, this one almost sounds competent[/Edit]

Promise to stop plugging our egotrip now!


Olivia said...

You sound more like my cousin from Lincolnshire than a Welshman! How'd that happen - did you spend too much time in Hull?

MattJ said...

Yeah I am very weak willed I'm afraid, my accent alter based on where I live lol! I was 4 years in Hull and as I am English first language my Welsh accent was never particularly strong anyway. It depends on the company I am in and how much I have had to drink lol!

Having listened back to some stuff I would say to start at episode 3 :s though there seems to be a few minutes missing from the beginning for some reason!

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