Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pulling my finger out

So I've had my own domain name for sometime and done precisely nothing with it. Starting is always a problem with me, I have these great visions of what I want and they become so grandiose that I don't ever end up starting.

So. Instead I am going to use their lame templates for the time being so at least there is somewhere to make my new home, also if you guys prod me regularly to de-lameify the site I might actually be prompted to learn how to do something.

In other news I've uploaded a podcast Nick and I did about 3 months ago, so clicky here to listen on line to cutting edge up to the minute podcasting from December 07 ;) Or if you have a reader thingy put this in : To avoid disappointment though, just don't listen to it!

[Edit] Decided to remove the embedded player, you can go get it from the source you lazy sods! Should be able to download from here if you don't like the other methods though[/Edit]

This isn't our first effort but it will do for now, we will likely do more whether yo like it or not but we'd still like your feedback. I'll probably avoid advertising it here from now on because I don't want this to become a shameless plug for something that is both unoriginal and almost certainly a waste of time. How can you avoid downloading after such a ringing endorsement?!

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