Saturday, May 02, 2009

OK Matt - you promised a good tempered one right?....

Yes, yes I did. And even though the evil lurgy is fouling my mood I've been having some good times today, and also my summer is shaping up to be immense. I mean properly immense.

So the original plan for today was to go for a bit of a photo-hike with my new DSLR camera, and the compact too (wanted to see different results). However, the lurgy was bothering me. You know the kind, fine one minute, asleep and snorting the next.

So I figured I'd wander up to Bookham to the butcher I use and get some meats, take some pics and wander back. After I got back I would see how I was feeling and either go back out for a proper photo-hike or clean and cook.

As it was, I felt like crap so decided to stay in. I put the chicken breasts, thighs and lamb in the freezer for future use and put the mince in the fridge for a cold-destroying chili later. This cold has messed with the wrong innards.

Anyway, random crappy pics are currently here Mostly taken with in the aperture priority mode, so semi-automatic (sort of) but doubt I would have got any worse results on full auto. Currently deciding between using Flickr or Picasa - each has its bonuses - the pro version of Flickr keeps everything full size and has a few more options, Picasa has a local client and plugs straight into blogger.....

So. Home. Jo has insisted to me that my chili was rubbish and told me to remove the onions. This concept is alien to me, most things are improved with onions, tomatoes or a combination of the two. Anyway, she suggested chipotle puree was the answer to my prayers - unfortunately that doesn't seem to be available here. So, 2 jars of Barts chilis and half jar of crushed chilis. All in all, its come out pretty well, though it tastes pretty similar to my last effort, I think I got some of the ratios wrong. still yummy though, beauty of chili is you have to go a long way to make it inedible! :p

So, on to my summer plans and beyond!

Firstly, I am making my return to Download Festival. At first the line up looked pretty weak, then they included Faith No More. I can't tell you how happy I was when I read that, seriously - I very nearly smiled. The rest of the Friday seems to be a bit of a late 90s Nu Metal revival camp, so will give me an opportunity to check out the other stages for bands I don't know much about like Kill Switch Engage,Bring me the Horizon and Backyard Babies. I won't go through the whole weekend, but this looks like an overall stronger showing than last year - before the other two stages had a very 'overflow' feel to them. This year I'll be spending 2 of the nights watching headliners at the smaller stages. I'll be there with the same crowd as last year, along with a few others.

A few weeks after that, i am off to Glastonbury for the first time. Line up is looking decidedly beige right now if I'm honest, with a few notable exceptions. Nonetheless I am very excited, it's HUGE. Context: Look up 'Sunderland' on a UK map. That's how big Glastonbury festival is when it's up and running. I don't care what kind of podgey bellied, grumpy welshman you are - there will be something there for you. Hoping I'll be there with a friend, if not it'll certainly be interesting!

July, I am considering trying to track down some Nine Inch Nails tickets for the 02, but may use it as a month off, haven't decided yet - whilst they are playing at the next event I am at, my understanding is that they aren't taking their whole stage show to that one.

August - Sonishpere. My love for Metallica was revived from it's deathbed by the release of their latest album. Linkin Park are a pretty big deal. Pretty much every band here is one I am interested in or have an abiding affection for. Alice in Chains - OK, no Layne but Jerry Cantrell is a legend and hopefully William DuVall won't balls it up completely. I got a VIP spot for this one, it wasn't that much more than the regular ones but got some good benefits (hot showers, allocated pitch & parking) - and considering I am going alone (seeing a pattern here folks? lol!) I thought it might be wise, especially as this is the first time this event has been run!

October. 24th. Green Day. Oh yes. I cannot describe how ridiculously excited I was when I heard there were doing a limited UK tour I nearly wept. I had a bunch of other stuff here, almost apologising for liking Green Day. Balls to that, they are freakin' awesome - live with it! There are always 'they sold out' and 'it's not real punk!' people out there, these are the same people who think the only good music was written when they were between the ages of 13 and 17. Otherwise known as morons. American Idiot drew criticism from these people, this monolithic rock opera railing against the Bush administration with every refrain - and that's not punk?! Just because it sounds good, doesn't mean it's not punk. And I'm going to see them, I rule. I rule harder because Pedr is going, and harder still because Hannah is going, as well as an old friend from Hull. We all rule, and everyone who failed to get a ticket in the 4 minutes before they sold out sucks. Hah!

October 25th - Wembley Stadium to watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Patriots. Finding it very difficult to give a toss. But hey, check out what else I am doing!

So. Yes, I've been working a lot but I've also been making damned sure that my summer doesn't go missing again.


Jo said...

You got a DSLR without consulting moi? What kind? What lenses?

Also, if you got a Canon it has a very cool auto mode that will adjust both shutter speed and aperature in any light conditions without flash. Very cool.

Also, canon bodies and lenses are independently powered through the electronic contacts...

Well, I'm a fan of Canon, so if you got a Nikon or an Olympus it's none of my business.

And... I've eaten some pretty inedible chilis in my day...

MattJ said...

lol! I did ask you on your blog AND sent you an email! haha!

It was a toss-up between Nikon D60 or Canon D1000. In the end I went Nikon because Nick has one, and a few people I know (including girl in the shop) has one and swear by them.

There's a no-flash auto mode on the Nikon too. I was warned that Nikon/Canon was a similar argument to Mac/PC! lol! I think the only 3 focal points might cause issues when I have more of a clue.

I just have the 18-55 lense that came with it for now.

To be honest, I think either would have been fine. They are both a lot of camera for the money, I just went with the majority of those I spoke to as the reviews were all kind of 50/50 on which was best value.

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