Monday, May 25, 2009

Lesser of two evils

I'm rejoining the gym after 3 years away. I've not been replaced by a pod person, my choices are simple.

Stop eating food I like and pretend I much prefer eating tofu with soya dressing than curry. Or I do exercise, and plenty of it. Exercise isn't total anathema to me and to be brutally honest, I'll rub scotch bonnets into my eyes before giving up my favourite foods.

When I last went, as with anything I do, it wasn't the doing of the exercise that was the problem. I actually enjoyed most of it. My problem was always actually dragging my arse to the gym. We'll see how I go eh?

Incidentally 'I enjoyed most of it'. Allow me to elaborate. The only thing I dislike more than running, is running on a bloody treadmill. Nothing is more likely to put me into a coma.

That said, I may take up running outdoors and cycling again later in the year when the weather draws in, there are some interesting cross country courses that would take me away from the sociopaths that pass for drivers in Surrey.

Prepare thyselves for a lot of gym whinging.


The Moody Minstrel said...

If it's any consolation, Matt, there was a recent study in the UK that concluded that soya causes male infertility.

(I found other articles on the same subject that made far less polite assertions as to its effects, but anyway...)

MattJ said...

I find your arguments compelling, I'd like to appoint you as my new nutrionist - don't worry no qualifications are needed for this made up profession, and you already make a lot of sense :p

MattJ said...

INcidentaly, my lack of blogging is primarily down to work and Twitter! I don't facebook :p

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