Saturday, May 02, 2009

What the hell is the point of a cold?!

Seriously, it's got to be the crappest affliction on Earth - with the possible exception of ridiculous allergies like dairy/wheat intolerance.

It's just diseasey enough to demotivate you, but not enough to actually warrant a battery of drugs or Doctor visits. It's diseasey enough to keep me out of the office. I hear the cries of 'Typical Man!' from the female population, but this isn't because of the ludicrously inaccurate stereotype of the man being crippled as soon as he gets a sniffle. It's because there is nothing more annoying than someone 'Soldiering On'.

First, no one will thank you for it in 6 months, no matter what you're doing. Secondly - you my friend, are an inconsiderate moron and if it were up to me you'd be fired. While you're bravely 'Soldiering on', the rest of us are picking up you're irritating cold. And will continue to do so, because whilst you're working and not resting, you're prolonging the illness - so instead of it clearing up after a couple of days you're in a perpetual state of having a cold.

Go. Home.

This is particularly true in a job like mine, working from home is perfectly doable.

So. I have this cold. Hence, I am annoyed. Colds annoy me, you may have got that.

It doesn't take a lot to demotivate me, right now I am trying to decide whether to clean the flat or to go out and go for a hike to play with my new camera. The cold is telling me to eat cake and drink tea for 48 hours. A great option, but one I do most weekends.

Another alternative is to clean, wander up to Bookham and buy some meats so I can cook later. I've been chastised for using onions in my chili. I may make a cold busting chili later, without onions. 'Without Onions' is an alien concept to me in most cooking, so I may crumble. Most chili recipes I've found have called for an onion or two. But I'll give it a go, though where I am gonna get chipotle puree from I don't know.

Next post will not be a bad tempered one - it'll be very good tempered in fact, I just needed to vent the bile first. Colds are so bloody irritating.


Jo said...

It's true, there are no onions in chili. In some circles it is considered silly to add beans, even.

What I do to get an awesome chipotle puree: buy a can of chipotle peppers in adobo and puree them using an immersion blender. You can find puree in tubes sometimes, but I like to make my own.

It only takes a couple of tablespoons to make a chili spicy with the puree, and it holds up in the fridge for a long time

MattJ said...

Yeah it was the chipotle peppers i had problems locating. Is it a particular flavour they have that makes them essential or will another variety do? And do they have to be tinned? The only preserved ones I can get here are Jalapenos, can I use fresh?

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