Saturday, May 02, 2009

...and were back to the complaining!

UK mainstream politicians really are the lowest forms of life. I'm not talking about the uses of the expenses system. Yes I agree it's wrong, but as far as I can tell no one has stepped outside the rules and no, it's is definitely not news. This is just lazy 'journalism' picking a subject guaranteed not to polarise opinion and that will sell papers for months to come (as further 'outrages' emerge). Seriously, I don't give a toss - fix the system, move on and watch the new system get abused.

Do you know what would be good to read about in the paper? Something that requires some actual investigative journalism that reveals something serious, not this trivial shit. The supply of Chieftain tanks and fighter planes to countries that actively engage in genocide, that would be an interesting read and would raise some questions don't you think? Why's it left up to comedians to highlight the massive corruption and flaws in our policies?

I've said to a few people that I'm struggling to care about MPs expenses, and all I get is 'but it's YOUR taxes! You MUST care!'. What I mean to say I suppose, is that in the grand scheme of things, I care less about that than the more insidious and evil things that they do. Seriously, this pitiful 'scandal' is gold for these people. Every time the papers focus on something so trivial, they are thanking their deity of choice.

Back to the point. I didn't mean to go off on that tangent, I originally was referring to this story. This is just an example, it could just as easily be David Blunkett, Charles Clarke, John Prescott or any number of other politicians that have come out railing against/in support of the the current administration. The hilarity of David Blunkett talking about integrity and credibility aside, this particular game is one that is played out all the time.

Think of them as hyenas, too pathetic to attack anything with any strength to defend itself, instead waiting for the weak and defenceless to emerge before closing in an biting chunks off. You might think that those in support of whoever is being attacked are actually on his side, this isn't the case. Everyone's simply jostling for position, some trying to put themselves forward for a decent position in the new regime, some doing the same but for the regime after the next. Others have other motives. What they all have in common is that all of their motives are selfish ones.

We see it play out in every single government, it happened to Major, it happened to Thatcher (sadly not before she anally violated the nation) and it'll happen to whoever's next. And every time it happens, it's reported as news.

So. My solution? Stop reporting anything that they say, only report on the things that they do. This whole thing is a contest in who can get the most column inches, radio minutes, TV time. Make them work for it. At least until we come to our senses and try a third way.

Which brings us to the end of this random ramble. The Liberal Democrats. Always touted as the joke party yet consistently get around a quarter of the overall vote. They are touted as a joke because the 'main' parties tout them that way, as does the popular media. ESPECIALLY newspapers. So the main political parties, and those that pin their colours to one of the two main political parties based on the leanings of whichever multi-billionaire media mogul owns them. One could argue that these two groups are the ones with the most to lose from a third way.

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Pedr said...

Spot on mate, especially re. the Lib Dems. During this whole recession, the most interesting bloke to listen to has been Vince Cable who, from my very layman perspective, appears to have hit the nail on the head countless times yet is largely disregarded because he's in the wrong party.

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