Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BNP, Standing up for the rights of malnourished Celts

For those of you lucky enough to never have heard of or encountered the British National Party, I can only envy your ignorance.

Think white supremecists in suits.

Anyway, I've had a leaflet from these fetid weasels to do with the European Elections telling me that people like me vote for the BNP. I was, and am, fairly sure that people like me dream of seeing a BNP Vs UKIP last man standing death match, the winner of which gets deported and given a farm in Zimbabwe.

Of course, I could be mistaken.

'It's not racist to be against immigration!'. Yes it is, be quiet you silly little man.

My favourite claim of the BNP (I'm pretty sure the N isn't really for National) is that they stand up for the rights of the 'Indiginous population of Britain'. Given that the last time our population could be considered 'Indiginous' was before the Roman invasion somewhere around AD 50, I'm assuming they mean anyone who can trace their ancestry back to this point.

Of course, this isn't what they mean. After all, what is Britain but the result of a European gangbang? The key is in their policy for repatriation. They are for the 'voluntary' repatriation of non-white immigrants to their country of ethnic origin.

I'm not sure why 'non-white' immigrants. I mean, the BNP definitely are NOT racist - their literature tells us that so it must be true. I think repatriating the whole country to various locations in Europe apart from the inahbitants of some worryingly remote islands could prove logistically difficult. Also, telling the queen to fuck off back to Germany and 'Take your greek boyfriend with you!' might present a few obstacles.

Maybe they're just environmentalists - you know, start with the non-whites. Then move the rest of the population of England back to their countries of ethnic origin, then ultimately the Scotch (for that is what they are called) and the Welsh. That will leave the beautiful British landscape untouched, and also infect various other countries with members of the BNP who will win further elctions. Of course the 'B' will have to be replaced with the name of their new home. Also they'll have to get the national language changed to English so their constituents will understand them - they're BRITISH for God's sake! You can't expect them to be bilingual! This will result in more victories, more repatriations back those indiginous populations countries of origin. Ultimately everyone will be repatriated to a small village in sub-Saharan Africa who's language is entirely based on clicks. This will kill most of us off, thus saving the planet from certain environmental disaster

So. They're not racist. They're radical environmentalists.

Either that or they are brainless, hate filled, billious, exploitative, fear mongering, predictable fuckwits. You decide.

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