Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Was it really worth 10 million?

To find out what everyone already knew and had stopped caring about?

There is a lot made of 'public interest'. In cases like this I have no respect for 'public interest'. They fall in to 2 categories - 'Nutter Diana obsessive desparate to forge some tenuous link with themselves and a dead traffic accident victim' and the usual ghoulish voyeurs.

Now 10 million pounds is a lot of money, it's nearly 8 billion US dollars*. For that i would want some real revelations, a bit more bng for my buck! None of this 'Diana Was Breathing Before She Died'** crap! I want 'Dodi was Mutant Robot Fiend Bent on Stealing the World's Custard Reserves' or something!

Pay 10k for a car, you'll get a Ford. Pay 100k and you'll get a whole lot of overcompensation, probably made in Italy. If tbhis inquest were a car then the salesmen saw us coming and sold us an '83 Reliant Robin as a 'classic car'.

I'm not saying all expensive court things should result in spectacular and fantastical outcomes I just think if you are going to spend so much money on engaging in such a worthless exercise in futility as this particular endeavou,r we should get something memorable out of it. And I don't mean a broken fountain.

So, in an effort to demonstrate what can be achieved for no money, I suggest we put together our own outcome. Answers on a postcard. Or, you know..... in th comments bit

*As I am avoiding the cheap 'Americans have no sense of Irony' jokes, I have to fall back on the 'Dollars are really weak' jokes. It's not my fault, its society.

**A genuine Diana story I saw on the BBC website once


Hanrah said...

It's so nice to know that the rise in my taxes is covering the cost of such worthwhile endeavors as this.

Not to mention that anyone crazy enough to believe the conspiracy theories is hardly likely to be swayed by the verdict.

"Prince Phillip hypnotised the jury! He used his magical fire-breath to scare the witnesses!"

Olivia said...

One of Al Fayed's reps tried to justify the cost by referring to how much he;s paid in taxes over the years without being awarded a passport.

Oh boo hoo...!
He's become an old nut case, like the fellas who live in the desert and take fuzzy photos of unidentified crap in the sky.

Jo said...

I used to listen to a lot of AM radio programs before I went deaf. One of my favorites was Coast to Coast AM, which was all about crazy guys in the desert taking fuzzy pictures of UFOs.

Dodi Fayed's father needs to go on there with his wacky conspiracy theory. He'd be in decent company.

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