Monday, April 21, 2008

Worse than Flash Developers?

There is only one thing more pitiful than someone who thinks that Flash is in anyway a suitable tool for building a website. That is the kind of weak-willed moron who, 6 months after lambasting a product, goes out and buys it.

This kind of hypocritical moron pales in comparison to the barely simian, magpie crossed idiot who slags off a phone, renews a contract with acompany he hates, then 6 months later decides he's had enough of the poor service and bails on the company he hates. They don't care of course, because he still has to pay that contract, and to cap it off he buys the phone he previously laid in to.

iMean really, iWould hate to be that guy. LuckiLy iWould never succumb to eviL marketing liKe that, especiAlly a few months before a new version of said phone was to be released.

i'M totaly not a fanboy. DefiNately not.

iFeel so dirty,


Olivia said...

Hey, iMatt.

iForgive you!

Jo said...

Who's doing the service for iPhones in the UK?

MattJ said...

liv - iWouldn't bother, I'll only do it again in a couple of months lol!

jo- 02, so at least I am getting decent service, signal and contract terms.

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