Thursday, April 24, 2008

Work/Life Balance

I've not been as bloggy as I'd like of late, things are getting interesting at work. I'm not sure where things are with the whole Commercial-in -Confidence thing but there are changes ahead for the company but more importantly for my project and even MORE importantly than that - ME!

As things stand things are looking good and work is becoming very interesting and enjoyable for me again. It does mean I've been spending an awful lot of time outside work hours at work of late - it's one of those 'the only time I can get any work done is when I am not supposed to be at work' situations. This is fine, it’s not a complaint (thought I'd try a change) because it means in the long run I am going to be making my life easier. Also, I have things to look forward to in May!

April has been something of an arid month where I have been missing the moist soup of social activity. With the exception of a work night out which ended in the usual non-fun 'can't feel my face' way, I've pretty much done very little.

May and June look far more promising - check out this ocean of rich social broth:

Next week: Emi has said she is coming down next weekend so I'm going to look for something interesting for us to do that she might like - though its a bit of a pain because she likes the outdoors and many of the outdoorsy attractions aren't open in April/May. I am hoping the weather is good so it won't matter and we can just go somewhere (did I mention I have a car now? :p) NOTE: This is the only one that doesn't say 'this IS happening' rather it says 'Emi says this is happening'. I've been here 3 years, I'll believe it when I see it! lol!

10th- Hannah comes down the week after for a long weekend - I think we are going to see Les Mis again, this time in the cheap seats with Nick, Andrew and their partners. It'll be another Matinee so may follow this up with some dinner if we can be bothered.

17th- Vicky is going to cook a few of us her much vaunted Paella - she's been going on about it for months, while I know it will be nice it's great fun insisting its nothing but Uncle Ben's with some frozen prawns and I don't know what all the fuss is about.

24th - Visiting Ric Lowe in Southampton - this has been postponed 4 times so far. Each tiem something comes up - this weekend I was supposed to visit but had double booked with a parental visit. Now that has been cancelled too because I have to go to exotic Bridgend for a meeting on Monday. Oh yeah, its all Jetsetting in my job!

31st - Pedro Ramirez, International Latin Lover, is coming to visit me all the way from the tropical paradise of North Wales. I imagine we'll drink some.

June - I bailed on Glastonbury, even though I know I'd have a great time because of the people I would have gone with and the cool stuff you can do there - the line up is pathetic. Jay-ze may very well be big in the States but he is no Glastonbury headliner. I suspect Emily Eavis is desperately trying to appear like she has her finger on the pulse of the 'yoof'. Elbow and Kings of Leon are ace though.

I am still going to try getting a ticket for Download though, that’s the weekend of the 15th June. They have a brilliant line up and an excellent stage-split. They have the 'Really should be dead by now stage' featuring KISS, Judas Priest and Motorhead. The other two stages feature The Offspring and Biffy Clyro and the Lost Prophets & Jimmy Eat World respectively. The whole experience is supposed to be brilliant at Download too, so should be a fun time - as opposed to Reading which I always here bad things about - even though they have a mind blowing line up this year.

Anyway, social broth - As I am (hopefully) going to Download, I am going to take some time off either side and travel home for some time either side of the weekend, I haven't spent more than a day or two at home since about my 2nd year at Uni and will be nice to do so. May combine that time off with some visits to other friends but the plan right now is to go home. This also means that I will be travelling to this Rocktopia with Rich, Rosie and my brother Waffle.

This lets me kill about 4 birds with one stone - seeing friends and family at home, catching up with people I barely have contact with lately over the weekend, not having to test whether Eddie is capable of driving across a field as Rich will be doing the driving and giving me some bloody time off work!

Oh yeah, and I am going to Canada in July for Nick's wedding. Busy summer!


Olivia said...

Judas Priest? Motorhead?

They must be on zimmer frames by now!

MattJ said...

I think they are actually dead and the performance is some freakish animatronics show.

Paddy Duncan said...
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Jo said...

Judas Priest will never die, though Motorhead is aging so badly. It's funny that you say "Jay-ze must be big in the states..."

Jay-Z is huge here. Which is annoying because he's one of those hip hop mainstream rappers who's all about the "bling" and the "bitches."

Eff that.

I'd go to Glastonbury just to camp, though. :D

Congrats on the car! What kind didja get?

MattJ said...

ooooh! I didn't say on here? I thought I did! I got a Citroen C4 'By Loeb' special edition thingy. It is super gadgety on the inside and very cool looking.

It has an engine too, but the main thing is the shiny and the buttons. I'll dig some pics out later, the only ones you cvan find online are the red versions of it and mine is black.

I just bought my Download tickets! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! w00tw00tw00t!

the is camping at Download too so i am not missing out and I finally get to test run my tent! Huzzah!

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