Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I don't think Cohen is particularly clever or funny. Ali G was irritating and basically a rip-off from work that Chris Morris had done with far more skill, wit and effect with The Day Today and Brass Eye. Similarly Borat is hardly an original concept, I always found him as lame as Ali G. I never really understood why he couldn't just make up a country name rather than pick a real one randomly, especially if America was his target for his, what I will loosely call satire. Lets be honest, central European geography with a specialty in ex-eastern bloc countries is hardly top of the US school curriculum right?

hat being said, I haven't seen the movie. People acclaim it as very cleverly lampooning the prejudices that the character has, I see it as a cheap laugh. I like clever comedy and, judging from Borat's 'past work', I don't think this is it.

Anyway, this is the point of this post. These barely simian trolls trying to get the bits of the movie where they exhibit racist and sexist behaviour removed from the flick. What I love is that they do not deny being racist and sexist, merely that they don't want anyone else to know! Genius.

In fact their plan will now backfire because now I will watch it on DVD, just for that bit.

Anyway, when I eventually watch the movie I will let you know whether my opinion of this alleged comedian changes.


Maria said...

I haven;t seen the movie but I agree with you on this one. I have been trying to explain to people that I don;t want to watch it because I know the whole thing is going to be stupid. I also like smarte humor and I am completely sure this will lack that.... I mean, I am pretty sure it will make a lot of fun of America...but that doesn't really require too much effort or intelect....
If you watch it, let me know...or better yet, we could watch it together when you come here.....

Julie_Gong said...

I saw it. It had its funny parts but I was drunk so that could've been it.

Why are you coming to Pittsburgh? And I saw from an earlier post that you were looking at going to a Pen's game. They are fun but $150 for a ticket is way steep. I'm not sure if they'd allow you or not but if you have a student id you can get great seats for around $20.00.

MattJ said...

Hey Julie, thanks for visitin! I am actually goin to Pittsburgh to visit maria, she did a year over here during my first year at University. In return she gets to endure me for 2 weeks , kind of a 5 year reunion lol!

far as the Pen's game goes, it's not lookin too goos, I went over to tikcetmaster and the Uber seats appear to be the only ones available - might check out if they have scalpers on the days of the match but they look like pretty good games - Islanders and Maple Leafs (check me out acting all the expert! lol).

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