Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ninja day posting for the benefit of Nonjas

I hope my fellow Ninjas enjoyed the inciteful and witty Ninja oriented post I put up, I think we can all agree on the fundamental points raised there.

For all you Nonjas (non-ninjas) out there, I am sure you aware that today is Annual Day of The Ninja. As such I have developed for this day some special Ninja blogging powers that only allow Ninjas to see my previous post. By using the words Ninja, Ninjonics (the urban version), Nonja and Annual day of the Ninja I am helping to promote Ninjistics throughout the world and hopefully increase the hit rate on engines like Google.

So come on everyone, get posting about Ninjas and hopefully in some small way we can make this world a more deadly place!

I look forward to reading your comments soon!


Olivia said...

His waggling head was what made me laugh.

Paddy said...

I rally am trying to update my website, but I keep getting some very long error code. Maybe they've worked out that I got a crack from some dodgy Russian site. Never fear I'm the last angry man, and they'll never silence me. Never, never!
Paddy (I can't be arsed to log in)

/* -----------GOOGLE ANALYTICS TRACKING CODE-------------- */ /*------------------END TRACKING CODE-------------------- */