Monday, December 11, 2006


Apparently it was a real heart attack this time, as opposed to a fake one to avoid standing trial for crimes against humanity.

"He will of course be buried according to his wishes - in a mass grave beneath a football stadium - The Now Show

Well, I thought it was funny. As far as I'm concerned, animals like this aren't afforded the same comedy grace period that other people might enjoy.


MJ said...

I am sorry Matt…but I have to disagree with you on this one.
It is hard to criticize the man who is responsible for the prosperity of Chile. Yes, maybe the means were a bit harsh, but there are definitely justified by the end.
The general took over a country that was in absolute state of chaos. Before him was Allende who was a good hearted man, but a dreamer…South American countries can not be ruled by dreamers. On top of that the American government was spending millions of dollars to sabotage his presidency leaving the country in absolute paralysis: the transportation sector and the agricultural sector were on strike leaving people with no food…. Before Allende it was the Christian Democratic Party that allowed for basically a feudal system were more than half of the population were slaves, working for a lord and buying their goods from them as well.
If nothing else, Pinochet had balls of steel!!!
By the end of his regime Chile was in better economic situation than any other South American country. The same can be said for their sociopolitical situation. Chile is basically the only country in South America than in the last 20 year has not seen a recession or suffered from Guerrillas. Peru had Sendero Luminozo, Colombia has the ELN and FARC, Venezuela has Chavez, Bolivia has Morales, that is just to name a few….
During the 17 years Pinochet was in power 3000 people died. That is far less than the amount of people that have been killed by the Colombian guerrillas in the last 15-20 years…that is without counting the farmers that were forced to leave everything they had and move into the city where they do not have a home, much less a job. Entire towns have been burned destroyed and killed. Nevertheless, European Intellectuals still consider the Colombian guerrillas liberation groups and Pinochet as a murderer. At least the People who died under Pinochet rule did not die in vain because at the end of the day, he did fix the country, while Colombian guerrillas keep hiding behind their title of liberation groups to keep killing people and drug dealing to become richer and richer every day.

MattJ said...

OK, I stand corrected! I guess he wasn't a total ass, but he did nick millions of dollars though so he wasn't all good either!

Also, while 3000 deaths occurred there were over 30,000 reported cases of torture and of course the small matter of assassinatiing former members of Allende's mob on foreign soil.

He may be responisble for the prosperity of Chile but he is also guilty of exploiting that success to enrich his own family and I don't believe the ends justify the means, especially as the murders and torture had nothing to do with the prosperity - they were just people he didn't like.

As far as Guerillas everywhere else, I don't think they are seen as freedom fighters over here, they are seen as the opportunist profiteers that they are!

Thanks for the reply and for putting the other side of the argument down (cios mine was so articulate in the original post! hehe!)

Maria said...

I would still pick him over any other south american pilitician!

Arty said...

Ah the famed latin corruption. Well, I don't know enough about him to comment specifically.

But in reply to your comment, no national leader can be all good. That's why they're there. The truly good people rarely gain power.

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