Friday, December 29, 2006


Just been over to Stu's blog, it was his 28th birthday yesterday and it got me thinking.

When you are little you are always your age plus a fraction when asked how old you are. "I'm 6 and three quarters!" you proclaim proudly as you continue crash testing your Action Man jeep out of your bedroom window (in the interests of science you understand). When you hit your late teens, you're always nearly something. "Nearly 19", in the vain hope that the woman you are attempting to chat up realises that you are many months beyond being legally adult and therefore should see you as the man you are, as opposed to the boyish idiot laced with Lynx (you know, the smell of adolescent desperation) she may otherwise perceive you to be.

Now I'm 29, I've noticed another change. You don't mind being in your 'late twenties' anymore, because you know that you're really 'nearly 30'. Also you are your age right up until the minute your birthday hits. You're never a fraction and you are certainly not 'nearly' anything!

Well bollox! I am nearly 30 and I am 29 and 7/12! It bothers me not a jot, and I am fairly sure that it should, other people appear to approach some weird crisis point at 30. They start looking at their lives and what they've accomplished and stuff, whereas I can't be arsed. I mean, I've done OK so that's good enough.

I am a little worried about my expanding podge but I think I'll get my usual burst of energy when spring kicks in and I will start biking everywhere again, maybe get myself back to the gym. On the other hand, a man of my advancing years may want to avoid the gym - don't want to do myself an injury.

Also, as the Troll of my 30th Birthday lurks beneath the placid looking bridge of May, there is a slight concern that it will leap out and consume my ability to pick out clothes that belong in this decade. It could instill in me a desire to buy cardigans and slippers and a belief that anything at all written in the Daily Mail is accurate.

On the other hand I was around to see the Thundercats when it was first aired on TV. Every cloud.

[Edit] Look! You even trick yourself when trying to observe the phenomenon - my birthday is at the beginning of May so technically I am closer to 29 and 2/3. I think it must be genetic, some quirk of the evolution of vanity.[/Edit]


Julie_Gong said...

Glad you liked the card!

MattJ said...

In the quiet words of the baby Jesus: 'You RAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWK!'

Famulus said...

I got a PSP!

Now that we have that out of the way, I'd just like to say that I'm 41 and therefore in my early forties, my mental state has a long way to catch up. My brain age (as reported by my PSP) is 40, so that needs to come down to about 20. Seems reasonable to me. :-)

Olivia said...

I nearly got carded when they were pouring wine round at the restaurant last night. My uncle and aunts said I was 27, no 28? I said I was 5 months away from 30! The waitress was shocked to say the least.

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