Monday, December 18, 2006

Weaker than a British Primeminister at a Whitehouse meeting.....

OK, so I am going home on Thursday. This meant that last weekend was the last time April and I would be doing anythign before Christmas, so we did our gift exchange on Saturday.

I got her some nice Clinique skin treatments, some bits and bobs (inclding a couple of these wicked things!). I also got her an iPod nano, as she is MP3 playerless. I know I slag them off a lot but for non-techno geeks who don't know any better they are still the best players to have. I doubt she will ever want to do anything clever with it and it looks really cool. Anyway, she was well pleased and couldn't stop mucking about with it. Her computer was rejected by Noah in favour of a more up to date model so I pre-loaded it with her favourite tunes until me and Nick manage to build something that qualifies for entry into the industrial age. iTunes, along with being crap, is picky about what it will run on.

Anyway, I get some pressies - socks, some of them little forks you use for eating con on the cob (which I got far too excited about). Then she gave me a PSP. Which rocks, really quite hard. She then proceeds to tell me that she was going to get me a Wii but didn't realise she had to pre-order, which is understandable. We have already discussed that I am the nerd remember? Anyway she starts to tell me that I can exchange it for a Wii when they get new stock so long as I don't open it. A gadget boy like me not opening a Gadget?! But she was right of course, I have a DS Lite which I love and am not the biggest fan of Sony. Also I simply wouldn't use another hand-held.

So. Dilemma. Do I wait a month and try and get a Wii? (28 day limit on the return policy). Or. Do we go to the store and exchange it for cash and wait for the Wii to come out?


Do we go to a store, exchange it and pay the difference for an XBox 360?

As it happens we take it to the store, argue with the man about the 360 bundles he offers ("But I don't like driving games!"), take the refund and head to Gamestation. April then proceeds to amaze again by finding an absolutely blinding deal on the console and a whole bunch of top titles. It was more than I intended to spend, but hey! I got to take advantage of this attitude while it lasts!

Point is. I was resisting buying the 360 until March. Now I have one. Let me tell you, you haven't played until you've played in glorious HDTV. Gears of War and Call fo Duty 3 are like playing films. I can only assume she wants to dump me, cos lets be honest this isn't the way to get a guys attention focussed on you is it?


David said...

My friend - you are a true geek. Be proud of this fact.

Paddy said...

Matt, April? When did this happen? I know I never keep you up to date with my frolicking but that's because nothing ever happens, I expect full details.

Arty said...

yeah, you have never mentioned April before - I thought that was some serious gift giving there...


MattJ said...

Well in my defence I don't often actually blog about my life, finding whining and ranting an awful lot more interesting!

We been seeing eachother for about half the year i think. She finds herself in the fortunate position of being around the first Christmas I can actually afford decent gifts thanks to gainful employment! lol.

I am pretty sure I have mentioned her before though guys, just not given over a whole post!

MJ said...

i did a search and you have mentioned her 4..or 5 times in your blogg....just never specified exactly who she is...bad boyfriend!

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