Monday, June 12, 2006

Red Leader - Engines down, approaching the Death Star

That's right folks, our Beloved Red Leader is leaving the project to crash disastrously and headlong into the Deathstar of another project .

OK, enough of the Star Wars analogy. Our toy car driving heroic leader is taking his Play Mobil to pastures new from the beginning of next month. We are considering holding another Donutopia in recognition of his great work. To be held in a post mortem context of course, after he has left.

On the plus side I get to fill a dead mans shoes. So from next month I shall be renaming the line 'Matt's Minions, Abandon all Hope All Ye Who Enter Here (please wipe your feet)'. Also, Andrew was known as 'Red Leader' - I have chosen the nickname 'By The Light of Heaven, Supreme Overmaster Jones'.

Some people appear worried that the power may go to my head, this is silly of course. I will be discussing this kind of dissent with them in private after the transition of power to the new regime and I am sure they will see the error of their ways.

Viv L'emperor!


Famulus said...

Congrats. I think that you have chosen a nick name that, if I may be so bold, is too bl00dy long! All good tyrants (did I say that?) have something short (max two words). Big Brother, Stalin, Il Duce, Margret Thatcher... You get the idea.

So, I've been thinking and here are my suggestions...

1) Lord Garam - States your authority and a hint at your fire breathing abilities.

2) His Eminance - always a classic.

3) Acid Matt - Gives a suggestion of extreemism whilst remaining on first name terms.

Should you require a little 'warming up' then feel free to join me at and look up Lord Cedric.

Olivia said...

this is such a guy post...

MattJ said...

Acid Matt should be more of a nickname - you know describing how I dispose of Dissenters? Also it should be soemthign said behind closed doors, people should fear me too much to call me by my first name.

Eminance does have a nice ring to it, as does Lord or (dare i say it?) Darth Garam.

liv - yes, yes it is.... :p

Famulus said...

You have it right there. Darth Garam it must be!

Well spotted, Liv. :-)

Olivia said...

Hehe, it's like a foreign language...I think I know a little bit what you guys feels like when we gals prattle on about our stuff.

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