Thursday, June 22, 2006

Big Brother

I've not seen any of this program for several years, thankfully. I spoke to a friend about it and although I have always despised it, it's only after the second or third one that I started to ignore it completely due to the fact that I couldn't believe the people on it managed to get through life without being stabbed in the face.

He came up with a good point. I'll paraphrase. 'At least when started they used relatively normal, if dimwitted, people and sat them down and waited for them to crack. There were psychologists and people giving educated views on the dynamics in the house. Now they just put people in there who have already cracked and it's nothing more than a freak show'. Pretty accurate I'd say.

While I don't watch it, it's impossible to avoid without taking my own life. People in work talk about how [Vaccuous retard 'A'] said X about [Posing retard 'B'] and [Waste of BioMatter 'C'] tried to arbitrate with ['Can Actually Hear the Oxygen Being Wasted 'D'] to resolve the Tea issue. Or some crap like that. I have two quotes to finish on here, or I will go on forever about how we should keep things the same except that when they get in the house make them do a Battle Royale.

That's entertainment.

Billy Connolly: "People are sitting in a house........watching people SITTING IN A HOUSE!, for fuck's sake!"

John Holmes : (after some wannabe media whore is voted off) '.......they should replace her with a Tiger. A tiger especially trained to eat dickheads. And not only that it should be made more like the real Big Brother in Orwell's 1984. Where all 12 of them get their faces eaten off by rats. Only not just normal rats but poisonous rats.......armed with hammers. Then they can all get chased around the pool by the specially trained tiger having their faces eaten off UNTIL THEY ALL DIE!'

Sorry all. The bile needs to be released periodically.


Der Ozzman said...

...poisonous rats armed with jackhammers...I really think they should be armed with jackhammers

MattJ said...

Ah you see Oz! Even though your aren't a yank, you've been affected by living there. By using an automated hammer you've succumbed to the American prediliction for making things easier for yourself. Which is fine in many ways but you are removing the simple Manly joy of swinging a large lump of metal on the end of a stick into something!

Olivia said...

Tis true, every time I see ads for it, or flip through the channel, someone is either a) crying or b) slagging someone off.

P.S. I've never said "slagging off" before!
P.P.S. Leave Oz alone!

lunaliar said...

Reality TV is the sea urchin of our culture: Spineless, useless and painful when you happen upon it.

lunaliar said...

MATT!!! Where have you gone? Has one of your curries turned the tables and consumed you? Hurry back as soon as possible!

MattJ said...

No curry related mishaps Jo! Just been real busy with work and the social life recently. Nice to feel loved though!

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