Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More wedding Shenanigans, PokéFaustus, uppance.

Since the predicted clamber of excitement asking for more details of my thrilling adventures I am going to talk first about Nick Brooks, friend and colleague. Hmmm, that sort of sounds like the opening to an obituary.....

I'll start again. Nick is going to marry Cara. This was already a very cool thing, not least because they are doing it at Niagra Falls no less! Also, for reasons best know to himself, Nick asked me to be best man. This is very cool, though I have yet to tell him that I've never successfully been best at anything, even if all that's basically being asked is that I am the best at following my biological fate. I am hoping there is no bear wrestling or running involved.

I'm not entirely sure what it is I am supposed to do beyond getting him drunk, securing a traffic cone and writing a speech that will result in me being banned from all future such engagements. Anyway, the upshot is that in February it looks like I am Canada bound. As such I have decided to kill a flock of birds with a single matrimonial pebble. First I am obviously going to go to Canada, where I plan to spend upwards of a week having a brief mooch around. Then down to the US, stopping in to visit the Maja and some other places along the way. After that I want to fly to Houston to visit an old University friend who lives out there, working for Pi Studios. Then maybe a couple days in Dallas (TBC).

In total, I hope to be in North America for about 3 weeks - hopefully the trip will span over pay day lol!

In other news I noticed Final Fantasy 3 was available for the DS so all the abuse I took for ordering Pokémon was for naught as there was another very good game I could get instead. However, it appears that pre-ordering with GAME is akin to signing your name in blood on a contract made of human skin that is being held by a suspiciously sinister individual with a sanguine complexion and a penchant for throwing his head back and laughing like a Bond Villain. Basically I couldn't cancel, my soul it appears belongs to the Pokémon. Serves me right too, my uppance has clearly come.


Any Best Man advice would be appreciated, most people have the good sense not to invite me to weddings so I really have no idea.........Nick - you weren't meant to read that bit.....


Olivia said...

They are nuts to marry in February in Canada, specially at Niagara.

But Houston will be great, I hope you go. It's nice there in Feb/March. I am so pleased I am not even sure to tell you what to see, but maybe your friend has ideas. If you are in the Museum District and you happen to pass the intersections of Montrose/West Alabama you are passing my dear old university.

You might like the Museum of Fine Arts or the Museum of Natural Science. Or you could try the Menil Collection and its associated Rothko Chapel and the Byzantine Fresco Chapel, all 3 in the same area as the uni residence hall on Branard and all free admission. The Byz. Chapel is housed in what looks like a power station on Yupon, but when you go in, it is a restored chapel rescued from the Turks, seemingly hanging in space, levitating even, glowing with no visible source of light, and added to that the flowing stream, it feels very zen.

Try Katz's Deli, and get some good Mexican grub at Los Cucos if you can. There is a huge Vietnamese community downtown and the food is great.

I could go on, you know you shouldn't get me started on H-Town...

What you hope to see in the DFW Metroplex, though, I fail to understand.
Though Fort Worth is pretty interesting if you want to see a pretty, clean, old cattle trail town...

lunaliar said...

Dallas isn't a place you visit for scenery. Well, I guess you could check out where Pres. Kennedy was assassinated, if you're into that kind of thing. Dallas will be a great destination in a few more years. We'll have more parks downtown and Deep Ellum will have mass-transit rail and really come into its own as an entertainment district. RIght now, it's just an ugly novelty.

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