Monday, June 08, 2009

That's it, I'm done!

On a day when large percentages of people in this country voted fascists into the European parliament, on a day that yet another part of the affection I feel for this country died a little more, on a day that saw a party of open racists come second in a nationally held election - I have this to say:

Muesli sucks.

Seriously, I've tried - I have REALLY tried with that stuff! Different brands, combinations - I've tried it with fruit, I've tried it with milk, I've tried it with yoghurt, I've tried with with milk and yoghurt - it's crap!

People who tell you they like muesli - those people don't like muesli - they're living a lie. How can you like something that is like eating crushed plasterboard?! Muesli has no redeeming features whatsoever - I try it every now and then, thinking 'If I'm to start eating breakfast, I'll eat something filling and good for me'. Which muesli would be, if it was in any way edible!

I was hoping to vary my breakfast a bit - the gym man seemed very certain I should be eating breakfast and if someone is telling me to eat more food, I am going to listen. Muesli, however, is not food. In the building trade it can be substituted for aggregate, but food it is not.


Hanrah said...

Just a small point - the BNP are racist, UKIP are xenophobic.

You know, the lighter, friendlier side of racism.


MattJ said...

UKIP are the BNP with more expensive suits.

Jo said...

Don't like muesli? Try granola.

Or, have egg white scrambles. Those are awesome, filling and good for you!

MattJ said...

of course i don't like muesli, no one likes muesli - this is an indisputable fact. The Swiss invented muesli and had their agents spread it throughout the world because we wouldn;t stop mentioning the Nazi gold. FACT.

Hmmmm, I've had granola bars before, I'll give it a bash.

Why the hell would I throw the yellow bit of the egg away you crazy fool?! :p I am eatign a lot of eggs right now, I was just looking on something non-eggy for breakfast as a change - breakfast is not something I usually do, so need the habit!

Olivia said...

I dunno, I rather like the texture of something between muesli and granola, in yogurt, with honey.

Have been enjoying a selection of 8 grain yogs from Quebec in flavors like pear, strawberry, raspberry, and apricot. Surprisingly, I like the apricot best, though it's never been my choice before.

ชื่อที่แสดง said...

Just a small point - the BNP are racist,


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