Saturday, April 18, 2009

...on Second thought...

First of all, I'm very sorry.  Twitter has turned me back into a crap blogger.  Curse you twitter!

This was originally a post about work. Here's the short version of what was originally a ridiculously long post:

From what I've written here, you might be forgiven for thinking I dislike my job. This is not the case, I mostly enjoy it and I'm really quite good at it. However, people who talk positively about their jobs constantly are sociopaths, people who air their frustrations are just borderline sociopaths, like the rest of us.

I know I promised a few cooking posts, but unfortunately I lost interest in taking photos of the process of cooking/serving the curry and I didn't remember to do the roast post until the crackling was already done.

I'll use the magical mind-brush of my words to paint you a picture of last weekend. Prepare to have me go over the lines in the paint by numbers of your impressionable minds.

Good Friday - A slightly confusingly named day. 'Jesus is dead! w00t!' Friday. Anyway, I spent most of 'DingDong the saviour's dead' Day morning sleeping. It was awesome, I'm usually up by 9am which would be fine if I went to sleep at a decent hour. Instead I was asleep until 11am, I was very pleased. The rest of the day was spent watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I think it's what Jesus really wanted.

errr..does it have a special name? Saturday - I walked the 2 miles or so to the butcher to get some meats. One thing I noticed about this weekend is that the shops were open every day. I only noticed because everyone seemed to be planning for a nuclear winter. Very strange. As a result the butcher man was out of sausages, which was mortifying. I did get some lamb for the curry though. Then I went to the grocer's, picked up a bunch of fruit and veg and some generic looking chilis.

I started cooking a curry that was substantial in volume, I also had plans for a spinach & potato side dish with chili and ginger. At this stage I decided it might be wise to invite people over. Rob was going to come along with Hannah, she's a limp wristed veggy type so dashed next door to buy some spring onions, mushrooms, coconut milk and some limes so I could make a veggy curry. Good thing about veggy food is that it takes about 2 minutes to cook in all its forms. Anyway, made some curries and sides, we ate, we drank and awesomeness was had by all.

Easter "hang on, you're back a bit early Jesus?!' Sunday - Sunday I had a large breakfast and had roasted loin of pork in the late afternoon. I made roast potatoes and carrots, just doused them in olive oil and rosemary and lobbed them in the oven. Cider gravy again, yummy crackling. Awesome. Oh yeah, and broccoli.

"Sure he'll be here any minute" Monday Buffy. Pizza. night night!

There you have it. I'll do another awesome t-shirt related cooking post at some point in the future, probably the next roast that I do.

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