Monday, April 06, 2009

Not with a bang but with a wimper....

Whilst residents in the fairytale rounabout Kingdom of Milton Keynes burn effigies of google executives. With much wailing and gnashing of teeth they proclaim how their privacy has been invaded and how they simply won't stand for it.

The fact that we have more CCTV cameras per person in this country than pretty much anywhere else in the world is not a worry to these people. The fact that they are being used not just to identify people who are criminals but also behaviour that may or may not result in criminality bothers them not a jot. The active targetting of particular socio-economic groups as software that tracks logos on clothing (as opposed to their wearer) is piloted seems perfectly fine.

The fact that as from today, government agencies have ready and free access to all our email and telephone communications without the pesky need for legal justification is of no concern to anyone. Move along, there's nothing to see here.

Google invade your privacy but the government is looking after you, it's for your own safety. It's double-plus good.


Pedr said...

Yeah but Matt, they'll save us from the pesky terrorists don't you know! If it weren't for terrorists there is absolutely no way, no how, our beloved government would feel the need to spy (ahem, sorry I mean monitor) on our web way at all!

Pedr said...

As for the google street maps thing, I'm not sure I'm in favour of it. I've just had my first go on it and I can certainly see the argument that it would help scumbags do reccys prior to a break in or whatever and with my family having been victim of a burglary I'm not overly keen on it.

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