Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I don't believe in New Year’s resolutions, I think they are silly, arbitrary and invariably unachievable and pointless.

Resolutions FOR the New Year made on the 23rd of December are an infinitely more sensible idea. Especially when those resolutions are fuelled by 3 months of massive amounts of overtime, sleep patterns that are inversely proportional to said overtime and whilst one's mind is cheerfully unravelling.

So that's the approach I've taken, I suggest you all follow my fine example - unless of course you are not morons with an inability to say no to any piece of work that looks remotely interesting. If that's the case, the less effective but more traditional resolution my suit you better.

Anyway, resolutions. Prepare yourselves, there's at least one on this list you are not going to like. I put it first to get it over with, think of it as ripping off a plaster (that's band-aid to you silly Americans with your cute little language).

1) Daily Blogging - it occurs to me that I am not blogging much and when I do it's dull, uninteresting and, as a general rule, ill tempered. A lesser man would take this as a sign that he is dull, uninteresting and, as a general rule, ill tempered. Obviously I discarded this possibility as pure nonsense.

Even in the unlikely event that this is the case, my natural contempt for my fellow man must surely dictate that I increase my output and not decrease it? So from January 1st I am going to make concerted efforts to blog daily. They will doubtless start off as lengthy as this one, but most days should be little more than a paragraph musing about how they make Kinder Eggs

2) Use my Annual leave differently - OK, the last 2 years I've had some awesome holidays, which has been great. Couple years ago I spent 2 weeks in Pittsburgh, which confuses many - especially as I didn't do huge amounts whilst I was there, but that suited me down to the ground. I got to see an old friend, do some interesting mooching on my own and spend other days vegging out eating sandwiches. It was fucking great. Same year I spent a few days in Italy with some close friends, also awesome.

This year I spent a lot of time and money with the Canada trip for Nick's wedding, which had some real highlights (not least of which was the wedding!). But other than that, I don't know what I did with my time.

Next year I am going to keep UK based, I want to take shorter breaks and make sure they really are actual breaks or make sure I am going to do something. I've already secured my Glastonbury ticket, I'll be going to Download and maybe Rebellion UK, Hammerfest and some of the gentler festivals. I also want to make sure that I see enough of my friends and family So I am going to be doing much more long weekends and less of the full week off kind of holidays. Some times of course I just want to eat chips and watch DVDs.

3) Keep looking - I've stopped looking for new things to do this year. I took a few new interests, both of which have suffered as a result of my current workload, which is slightly disappointing but not irredeemable. I also stopped looking for new jobs etc. which is always a mistake for me because I get comfortable, then I get bored. I was bored this time last eyar and I was looking, I now have interesting things going on so I stopped. Really what I should be doing is looking for the next thing to do because what I am doing now will stop being interesting in April. Probably sooner.

This isn't about definitely moving job or company or country, it's just about reminding myself that I can, because I really am not the sharpest tool in the box.

4) Read more JOlivia! - I haven't kept up to date with the happeningses in the lives of the two people whose blogs I have read since the day I started blogging and I feel like a cad (yeah that's right Hannah, I'm sticking with the 17th century). Also I haven't read Famulus' blog in ages.

It's not for me, these poor souls are missing my valuable insights and observations into their humdrum lives and they deserve better.

So that's the shortlist.

So there you go, prepare for the flood!


Jo said...

That's right! You better get to blogging and reading blogs, since they are by far more productive ways of wasting time than drinking beer, laying about and eating sandwiches!

Good luck with those resolutions! I'll be checking in on mine in a couple of days!

Olivia said...

Indeed, where the hell've you been?

Isn't it funny how I sound more grumpy than Jo there?

MattJ said...

Jo - I'm slightly worried about what you've termed 'wasting time'. Those are things I normally classify under 'productivity' and 'life enhancing experiences'.

'Livvy - Seriously, you have no idea how much work has cut inot my procrastination schedule. In addition to the paucity of blogitivity, doodles are down 50%, personal phone calls have been cut almost entirely and online shopping for crap i don't need is down nearly 70%.

it's beena rough quarter, but I'm hoping to resume scamming my employer in the New Year.

Anonymous said...

I am honoured to have had a mention. I am less honoured that you have not been keeping up with the twists and turns of my ever changing life.

Have you no RSS?

I expect full attention in the new year, you understand?

I think this puts me firmly grumpier than all of those that have gone before me.


MattJ said...

I know! I'm crap! We've covered this ground, moev on people! Quit living in the past. Look forward to a bold new future where you can all correct my spelling or disagree with my wildly inaccurate and sweeping statements. A future full of scowls, cynicism and unreptentent vitriol. A future we can be proud of.

Anonymous said...

It's Christmas eve and you want me to be cheerful???

I've presents to buy, and travelling to be done. I'm at work for another 3 hours and some bugger will surely find ways to delay my flight for a few days.

Tomorrow morning I'll be a totally different person, just you wait and see... :-)

MattJ said...

I feel your pain, i am in work until at least 5:30 so not making the 4 and a half hour drive until the early hours, then back again first thing on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

4.5 hours? Driving? Where are you headed to? Edinburgh?

I'm going from Amsterdam to Birmingham and I can do the whole thing in a little over 3 hours including the train ride and waiting an hour at the airport.

I was going to make a rude comment about Citroens, but that would be mean. I'm not mean, I'm just stressed. I'll be mean later...

MattJ said...


It's around that from here to North Wales where my folks are depending on traffic (M25/M40 so it's ALWAYS shit).

Always thinking that I can get to Madrid in 3 hours but takes 50% longer to get somewhere on the mainland!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Amsterdam and Madrid cost a tad more...

BTW, if one more person opens a musical Christmas Card and appears to enjoy the sound that it makes, I shall integrate the device into their throat.

Now someone find me a mince pie and plenty of brandy butter...

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