Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm really very sorry about the previous post, I needed to vent that. I'd managed to avoid that partioular cover until today and it was so awful it released some of the rage.

I don't have a huge Christmas this year, driving back tomorrow and back here on Saturday or Sunday. None of that matters, I am going home - there will be booze, there will be foods, there will be family and there will be friends. I also travel bearing gifts, so hopefully I'll be spreading a little joy too. Some are for me that I am being good about and not unwrapping before tomorrow.

Most importantly, there will be piggies in blankets. Some people seem to think the big Turkey thingy is the centre piece. These people are clearly idiots, the turkey is there in order to have something large to put the piggies in blankets around. And the roast potatoes, essentially it's there for structure. So, now you know.

Another couple hours and I finish work and am out the door, I'll be wrapping, cleaning & packing. Then a fairly early night with a plan to set off around 4am. This plan will certainly fail, but you have to aim high people! Live the dream!

People make the party, and my people rule. 2 days is plenty.


Olivia said...

Have fun with the folks, tis good to have you back.

Jo said...

So, did you have a good Christmas or did you blind everyone with a thrashing rant on why Leonard Cohen covers must not fall within a certain degree of disgusting?

I must know.

Oh, and I like turkey better.


MattJ said...

Yes, yes and of course you do - you're American and therefore little more than a barbarian :D

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