Friday, November 21, 2008

That's coming along nicely....

I'm going to the pub after work (whenver that happens to be). In order to counteract this possible boost to my social life, I've been forced to use a powerful Pariah-ising tool - The Nerd-o-Geek Puntabulous joke.

I've been waiting on something all day from a colleague who has been swearing at varying degrees of voracity throughout the day. We just noticed he made what can be described as a 'schoolboy error'. Or, as I put it in my incredibly funny email (which travelled a few hundred miles to go about 6 feet):

if (operator==monkey)

No one is cooler than me.


Olivia said...

Ooh programming language, that's bound to win with the laydees.

Oh, and don't you mean ferocity (not voracity)? I shall become your official proofreader.

MattJ said...

No, I'm good with voracity thanks! :)

/* -----------GOOGLE ANALYTICS TRACKING CODE-------------- */ /*------------------END TRACKING CODE-------------------- */