Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pick a colour, any colour

Like most alive people, I depsised the Bush administration with an unholy passion but despite his best efforts, there are still lots of alive people left in the world.

I'm not going to talk much about the US elections, other than to say what a joy it was to see two competing candidates. I agree with my friend Hannah - there were two sides, two sets of opinions, two personalities. You could see where they differed and where they agreed. One made the mistake of listening to strategists and abandoned his strengths and went on a pandering/attack campaign. That was a shame, he should have stuck with who he actually is.

But there were differences, and a massive turn out. 11 months is a bit of a piss take for a democratic process but you gotta love that whole separation of power thing they have going on.

All we get to do is pick a colour and wait for the next set of generic public school boys to take over without anything approachign a mandate.

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Olivia said...

As I've always said, witnessing politics in the UK left me apolitical and it was really hard to get into the swing of things here. But the pace is so brisk that it didn't take too long to get me fired up.

The campaign process hails from the days when candidates really had to traverse the country in order to hold rallies, in the days before television and when newspapers weren't enough.

Still, if they did one day stop campaigning like this, there would be trouble. In such a big country you have to do something immense, short of fining people who don't vote (as in Australia) or publishing lists of their names (as in Italy). Because that's not very democratic after all...

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