Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He had a Dream

Well Jo, 'Liv. You did it, you destroyed the American Dream, I hope you're proud of yourselves.

In 2000 the Republican party proved that just because you lose a Presidential election, that doesn't mean you can't be president of the United States of America. In 2008 Rudy sought to keep that dream of hope alive, to prove that promise of legalised election fraud could still hold true today.

I have no doubt that it was your commnets on thsi blog that finally crushed the stout spirit of this great american and joinrudy2008.com, was taken down.

Now you'll just have to live with your democratically elected leader. See where THAT gets you!


Anonymous said...

The problem started when the voting public (both of them) noticed that once of the candidates wasn't a grey haired white man. Confused they asked around if anyone knew what was going on and over a period of almost two years this woke the rest of the elegable to vote public (150 million of them).

This has caused the usual method of buying a president to fail and forced the states to actually count the votes on the basis that someone is actually paying attention now.

A sorry state of afairs if ever I saw one.

This of course happened in the UK with dear old Maggie in '79, but we've recoved again now...

MattJ said...

Only because it was a fucking disaster of apocalyptic proportions when that screeching harriden of doom swept in! lol! She was like the coming of the apocalypse, the only reason blue collar workers aren't suffering as much under the current conditions is because she fucking wiped them all out!


Yes, we're much better off ina society where a white,middle class, privately educated multi-millionaire can still rise to be priminister. Bringfs a tear to the eye.

Olivia said...

Pfffff, whatever.
*thumbs nose at Matt*

Let me see. When all you have to choose from are grey haired white men, the only people who vote are those who want to keep them in; meantime there's an awful rate of voter apathy. Bring in some fresh blood and an entire generation raises its head like the sleeping lion awakening.

Jo said...

Dear Matt,

Pull your head out.



(Seriously, though. Campaigns will keep the contribution link working until every sap in North America has been squeezed dry and begging for the Feds to bail them out of their misery.)

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