Monday, November 03, 2008


Politicians used to leave me alone back in the day, that was when I was a low income non-voting pleb who didn't understand the wider world or politics. Of course the only thing that was actually true was that I was on a low income, but facts rarely matter in politics and neither do the people.

The only people that matter are those that vote, 75% of which would rather put their own eyes out with a shitty stick than change the way they've voted all their lives, even if their party of choice has changed their main campaign promises to include legislation protecting puppy drowning and child slavery.

That leaves a good 25%, many of whome will be influenced by their rag of choice. You also have to take into account those people who will vote to keep someone out rather than voting with their conscience (I actually did this brainless and fucked up thing once, to my eternal shame). There are people in the world who will vote their conscience, but unfortunately many of those people aren't allowed to vote because they are not 18, and the rest won't matter because we don't actually operate anything resembling a democracy here.

So, unsurprisingly I've gone off topic. I'm now in an income bracket that means politicians now care about my vote, and its fucking annoying. Try explaining to people why you opposed the 10p tax balls up when you are one of the prime beneficiaries. I'm the guy they aim these things at because demographically speaking I am likely to vote, and generally speaking people are selfish fucktwits so i am likely to vote for what benefits me directly which is a sick view of the world.

And sadly it works, any movement that taxes people like me more, or God forbid! One of the many middle-higher income couples that happen to have spawned , then you'll pretty much lose. Because the people who get fucked over the most are the people least likely to vote and that's the way governments like it. And now I definitely know I am become the enemy because I am talking shit about something I barely understand and will do little to nothing about. Middle class, is there anything more evil?

Red or Blue, in this decade can someone please tell me the difference?


Jo said...

Jeez, Matt! With all your talk of votes, red, blue and democracy, you'd think you were actually American...


MattJ said...

I do kind of like the whole 3 arms of government thing you guys have going on, though like us what you refer to as 'democracy' during an election bears only a laughable resemblance to what democracy actually is.

On the other hand, have any of your guys ever been eelcted with only about 1/3 of the popular vote?

Jo said...

Funny you say that, because our Texas Governor, Rick Perry, was elected last time with less than 1/3 of the vote. He then went on to call it a fucking mandate.

What a fucking moron.

MattJ said...

Oi Mouth! I was actually trying to imply that it couldn't happen there, or at elas was unlikely! I was saying something America does is better than something we do!

instead of drinking in this precious and unique moment, you blow it with facts!

Silly American :p

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