Friday, October 10, 2008

English (UK)

This is just a note to software designers. English (UK). That is just fucking English. I will accept it as a valid option when you start putting Espanol(Espana) and Francais(France). There should be 2 options:


*stir, bait*


Olivia said...

Oh OK, so what about Portugues (Portugal) vs Portugues (Brasil). Or Francais (France) vs Francais (Canada).


MattJ said...

w00tw00t! I caught a livvy with my big fat wriggly language worm! hehe!

In answer to you question, its the same principal, provided there is a difference of course.

Francais (Canada)

Although, having said that the French are very particular about their language and any mutation at all they'd probably object to it even having French associated with it.

If there are mutant languages lurching around the world like genetic defects, then obviously they should appear in the drop down selection lists, all I'm saying is putting the country of origin is completely redundant.

Olivia said...

You KNEW you'd get me in on this one!

Jo said...

OK, now... There are different local flavors of English depending on where you are. In journalism we actually have three different colloquial versions of English: English (UK); English (Can); English (US).

Now, it depends on where you are or to whom you are marketing as to which version of what language you will use.

Just because you're too ensconced in your own visions of grandeur to see that there is more than one correct way to use the English language doesn't mean the the English (UK) is English (Period).

So, there.

MattJ said...

I'm not suggesting in this post that there is only one correct use of English, though all right thinking people know this to be true, I'm merely suggesting that there is English and there are variations of English.

Silly American.

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