Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sempiternal Sofa Saga

No I don't have a sofa, I am faffing about too much. Rather than drive about looking for something appropriate I reverted to type and tried with ebay again. Evidetly I failed because, when it comes to furnishing a flat that I don't own, I am a cheap ass.

By the end of next weekend there will be something sofa shaped in my front room, even if I have to steal from a tramp down the tip.

In other news, I have a cunning alternative to the decorative pebbles. I'm going to take an existing, stupid idea and turn it into something more awesomer. Honest.

Since the sofa is causing me so much consternation I am going to buy a bunch of other stuff off ebay in preparation for the phantom couch's arrival. I'm sure it'll be fine.


Olivia said...

You are really brave to bid on furniture off eBay - I have to handle merchandise before I settle on something, but that could just be a girl thing.

MattJ said...

This is merely an exercise to have vaguely the right looking things for as little cash as possible to be honest 'Livvy - if I was in my own place and furnishing it, I would be using much more caution and consideration and definitely trying before I buy. As it is, i have something approximating what I wanted - pending collection on Saturday!

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