Monday, September 01, 2008

Lord of all I Survey.

Which, Emperor of All the Europes aside, isn't actually all that much. Looking around the flat after Dave moved out it occured to me that I've seen homeless people with more furniture than I have. This was helped in no small part than my generous. if misguided, donation of over 50% of the furniture in the front room to Dave.

In perspectivem, this was a table and some chairs. When a table and some chairs accounts for 50% of your front room/dining area, you need to take a long hard look at the sofa vaccuum occupying the middle of your floor.

Somthing I duly did, I looked, I observed, I digested. Then I started looking up art prints on eBay.

Please, don't try. If I can't follow my own 'logical' leaps, what hope do you have?


Olivia said...

Oh, art prints are infinitely more useful than sofas.

My roomie brought one today to replace her own photograph hanging in the living room, for which she now has no place...

Meanwhile, I still lack furniture.

Hanrah said...

OK, Matt. Here's the ultimatum.

I'm not coming to visit you until you get a sofa.

Harsh. But fair.

MattJ said...

SO if I get a sofa this weekend, you'll come visit? :p

Pedr said...

You could get a sofa to accompany your doubtlessly tasteful could get a spare bed for your now spare bedroom for weary travelling hobo types such as myself for when I travel to Matt Towers.

Should you agree to this, then I would be quite happy to sit on the floor at your flat. Or, and I'm just thinking off the top of my head here, just go to the pub where we could take advantage of their vast array of seating opportunities whilst enjoying the lovely ambiance.

Stuff it - just get a sofa bed, stereo and a 12 pack!

Jo said...

Get a foldout sofa for hobos like hanrah and pedr and use the spare room for your maniacal fortress from which you will plan the doom of other nations.

Just a thought.

MattJ said...

Haha! Let me just put the record straight here. The sofa/sofa bed I get will be determined by price, proximity and possibly smell, or more importantly the lack thereof.

Jo wins the spare room debate, for as long as the room remains spare at any rate, though sadly I can't seem to find the 'Command Centre' section in furniture stores.....

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