Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The March of Democracy

The problem with the British is that we have no stamina for democracy - we've had enough after 2 of the 4 weeks of a general election. In America, they really get it - 6 months of campaigning just to decide who gets to campaign in the actual campaigning period for the presedential election. And even if you win there is no guarantee that you win! I like that last part, adds an element of suspense to the proceedings. Of course, if you want to get ahead of the game all you really have to do is add up how much each party has spent on campaigning - its probably why ours are so rubbish. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent bad mouthing your opponent as baby eating, devil worshipping goat fuckers is what democracy is all about.

Of course, as with most things America isn't really as good as. Despite the big flash over the top, expensive show you really need to come to Britain for wild misrepresentations of the word 'Democracy'. It's only here where you truly appreciate the beauty of what the ancient Greeks REALLY meant to happen. Democracy should, of course, be broken down something like this:

The Party that receives about 35% of the vote should get over half of the 646 parliamentary seats.

The Party that receives 32% of the vote should receive about 200 of those seats

The Party that receives just under a quarter of the vote should get less than 10% of the seats.

This way democracy and power can be kept out of the hands of the people. This is VERY important, if people start getting the idea that their vote might count it's entirely possible that they'll realise that there is more of a choice than just the Conbour party and the Laservative party.

And we can't have that.


Olivia said...

THe Queen should watch out, Gordon Brown will be eyeing the throne next.

Jo said...

HA! I'd vote for baby eating goat fuckers!!!

Seriously though, campaigning in America is its own economy.

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