Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Welcome to Perth...........

........The Capital of Western Australia. It's 4 hours closer than Sydney"

This advert never fails to make me laugh, it is a brilliant piece of targeted marketing. Essentially it is saying 'We are marginally closer than somewhere you actually want to go to'.

Now while I will complain endlessly and then buy an unnecessary car as a result of spending the best part of 7 hours traveling little more than 250 miles on public transport, I consider 26 hours to travel to the opposite side of the world quite reasonable. I don't think I'd find myself 22 hours in to the trip thinking 'Bollox to Sydney, drop me off here'.

At first I thought 'Who is going to be dumb enough to pick a holiday location based on proximity?! Surely if you're going to Oz, the budget isn't a massive issue?'. Then I remembered that The Sun has a circulation of over 3 million and the Daily Mail over 2.3 million and my question was answered. I live in a nation where 4 hours is considered by many an Odyssey from which man may not return and requires all weather clothing and Kendel Mint Cake.

OK, perhaps an exaggeration but if that kind of advertising is going to work on anyone its the British!

I wonder if it could work on a more local level on the English 'Come to Wales, closer than Ireland with marginally less need to pretend not to be English'.


Hanrah said...

Surely any trip requires Kendall Mint Cake?

Jo said...

Four hours is a journey??? Just wait until you get to Texas. It takes an hour to cross Houston going 70 mph.

Four Hours to get to Dallas from Houston.

Six Hours to get to San Antonio from Dallas

Four Hours to get to Austin from Dallas

Three Hours to get to College Station from Houston.

I could go on, but Texas is just really, really big.

MattJ said...

Lol! Oh yeah I know! It took about 6 or so from Pitt to Philly if memory serves!

Worth it for the cheese steak though :D

Olivia said...

Hehe, I remember my history teacher telling us it took her 11 hours to drive from Dallas to El Paso on the way to Colorado.

When I drive between Dallas and Houston I average 80 mph so it only takes 2.5-3 hours... :P

Jo, look how large Houston is, it is a good rate. Takes me an hour to travel 8 miles here on public transport.

And the other day BBC Breakfast were looking at train fares, laughing because it cost more to take the train to Bristol (or somewhere like that) than to fly to New York.

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