Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl XLII Part II - updated 12/2/08

More Superbowl pics to follow, including a special guest star from a real life American Football team! You're excited I can tell.

Oh, if you're a Patriots fan - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaahhahahah! Unbeaten the whole season and then spooning it when it counts. All that effort, only to end up with the same end to the season as Miami. Who only won one game. Miami only win one game, Patriots only lose one but both are big fat losers. Hah!

I still don't like Eli Manning, but it really was the lesser of 2 evils ;)

More later.

OK more piccies from the evening's festivities:

As promised, we bring you photos of Special Guest Star - Piers Evershed - all star Running Back for the BACFL team The Nottingham Outlaws. Sadly his promising and diamond studded career was blighted by injury and internla politicking where the limelight was stolen by lesser men! He did spend a full season with the outlaws, plus one as a greeter at the Desert Inn.*

Proof, if proof were needed of his playing credentials! It's clear to even the most amateur of fans that this panther like athlete could have made it to the top of his game if fate didn't take him towards Test Management in a mid-table IT consultancy.

The Final and beautiful outcome. Fully deserved in more ways than one!

Take the pre-game - while the Giants pregame consisted of 'We've dreamed of this since we were children, we have to do our best to take this - we have to win!' and things of that ilk, the Pats were 'Lets not take this for granted, we still need to go beat them'. Which essentially means they DID take it for granted and DID see it as a formality. That and the fact that it was just REALLY funny watching the Pats faces as they realised they had thrown it all away!

*Little Baseketball reference for those lucky few to have seen it ;)

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