Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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.........Just one more thing.

After visiting Arthur's crappy house, I went down to the local Citroén dealer that I used to work at, fully intending to price up a Diesel C4.

But then I saw a special edition 1.6i model ('By Loeb') in black and sort of got gadget fever and certain elements of logic abandoned me.....now if I can just find that Transformer button......

Mine looks more like the 3 door Coupé in the first vid, though obviously it is better than that. I'll stick a pic up later if I can find it again, it looks sportier than it is, it will still average nearly 40mpg, closer to 50 on the motorway. The sooner I forget the diesels go closer to 70 the better! lol! I should be picking it up around the end of the month.

I am definitely not excited! No sir!

[Update] Photo-ness:

That's all I got so far. And no, I am not going to stop going on about it :p


Paddy Duncan said...

You tit. Petrol? Petrol to a french man is like ale, he'll never understand it. Diesel, now that's wine at breakfast, something the french do know something about.

MattJ said...

Lol! Normally I would agree with you but these 1.6i ones are supposed to be very good and reliable. And it's not like the petrol's have really ever been god-awful on Citroens either, it's just that the diesels are so very good!

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