Saturday, February 02, 2008

Good -2 Evil -1

Wales toppled the imperialist dogs at that excuse for a stadium Twickenham. There was never a doubt in my mind!

Liverpool (Pedr's team) crushed Sunderland - a team managed by a vicious and evil man who drowns puppies on the sidelines.

Unfortunately the forces of Evil rallied later in the evening when the Leeds Rhinos overcame Hull KR in their righteous battle for supremacy.

So the score stands at 2-1. If the Patriots win tomorrow, it'll be a devastating blow in the fight between good and evil!


Hanrah said...

I think you'll find that Sunderland are managed by a genius and titan of football. Who stands up for the old school side of football - that which is focussed on playing the game, not making shitloads of money.

Down with prawn sandwiches!

There's only one Keano!

MattJ said...

And lets not forget that old school football value of spitting one's dummy out and deliberately setting out to break someone's leg in a revenge attack.

Awesome guy.

Hanrah said...

You shouldn't believe everything a ghost writer puts into a book.

It was a brutal and horrible challenge - but I sincerely doubt that Keano thought "ooh! I'll break his leg and end his career!". I'm not gonna excuse what he did, but I don't think it was a pre-meditated action.

He isn't Adrian Morely for God's sake!

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