Thursday, November 15, 2007

Invasion of Privacy

We are in a terrifying times at the moment, in the US and UK you can be held without charge for looking a bit foreign. 'Anti-Terror' laws gradually erode the freedom they claim to protect. There is an MPAA backed bill up for a vote in the US that, if passed, will enforce educational institutions to subscribe to media download services. the idea is that it will prevent piracy. This does two things : firstly it assumes peer to peer file sharing guilt on ALL students, regardless of whether they own computers or not. Secondly it places the onus on the University concerned to enforce the useage - basically making it the business of the US government to secure revenue streams for large media corporations. The penalty for non-compliance? The revocation of federal funding for the institution concerned. An analogy for us Brits: London has it's transport budget removed because someone shoplifted from the Virgin Megastore.

It won't pass but the very fact it;s made it to the floor is mind-boggling.

But that is nothing compared to the travesty that has happened in this country - it's a step too far by an overzealous and controlling state that could spell revolution. That's right, a man can no longer have sex with his bicycle in the privacy of his own room without "The Man" getting involved. It was only a matter of time before the nanny-state mentality of this labour government started to encroach on the sacred love a mentally unstable Glaswegian (is there any other kind?) shares with his velocipede, but who could have predicted that it would happen so soon?


Hanrah said...

Poor bike sex guy. It's not as if he was hurting anyone (well, possibly himself 'cos I have NO idea how . . . . lets not go there!).

If he wants to screw his bike in his own room he should be able to. Although admittedly he totally needs therapy!

MattJ said...

I just really like I got to use 'Bike Sex' as a tag lol!

Ini his defence the door was locked, and the maids used a master key to get in - come on! a little privacy people!

Can you get door handle tags for that? Only you know, euphamistcally speaking 'Bicycle Maintennance, Do Not Disturb' tht kind of thing? (I side-stpped the ones that would have made you wretch ;)

Hanrah said...

Are you drunk? What happened to your spelling??

I feel bad for him. Anyway - how is humping a bike illegal anyway (unless of course it isn't your bike - then I suppose it'd be criminal damage, or criminal grossness)

MattJ said...

It's not my fault, they keep making me do work here and it's affecting me adversely, that and the fact I clearly have a dyslexic keyboard.

I agree, when a grown man can't make sweet love in 21 different gears then Al Qaeda have won!

lunaliar said...

Sex with a bike? I can't even imagine sex on a bike much less sex with one!

The Patriot Act is a scary proposition. Then again, so is Google.

Anonymous said...

Does bike sex constitute safe sex?

Hanrah said...

Hmm, interesting point - I doubt it was safe for bike-sex-man. The bike may have escaped unscathed though!

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